How Do I Unlink Facebook From Nba Mobile?

Tap the Settings icon and click Unlink (next to Facebook). You can now login to your Facebook account.

How do I unlink Facebook from NBA Mobile?

Open the Settings app. Tap the three dots. Tap the unlink (next to Link Accounts). Tap Facebook. Log in to your Facebook account.

How do I delete my NBA Live Mobile account?

In order to tap a deleted app, you should first tap Manage Storage to see if you can delete it yourself. If you do not see the app’s folder in Documents and Data, tap the folder icon to open the app.

How do I unlink a Facebook page?

Go to the menu and scroll down. Click on the “Settings” tab. On the bottom, click on the “General” tab and there click “Remove Page”. Click on “Delete Page from the options provided”. Click on “OK” to make the changes.

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