How Do I Unlink My Facebook From Call Of Duty Mobile?

To change your Facebook account, go to your device’s Facebook app. Go to Settings. Tap Apps and Web. Then tap Call of Duty Mobile. Tap Remove. Log off your Facebook account in a browser.

How do I unlink Cod mobile from Facebook?

3. Tap on Social. 4. Tap on Call of Duty: Mobile then tap Edit. 5. Tap on Social. 6. Tap on Call of Duty: Mobile then tap Remove.

What happens if you link Cod mobile to Facebook?

I have also integrated Cod Messenger with Facebook to be able to share my own messages with my friends in Facebook.

How do I transfer my Facebook account from cod mobile?

If you’re using an iPhone or other smartphone, you can log in to Facebook with the Facebook app on their site. You’ll also be able to log in with a web browser.

How do I log into Facebook with cod?

To log in with your Facebook account, you need to have a Facebook account.

Can I unlink my FB account from Codm?

You can see your friends list on the top left of the screen. Click on the friend’s name, and you will see their contact information.

How do I find CoD friends on Facebook Mobile?

Unlink Facebook from Codm is a bit complicated. You will have to go to the website for, and then click on the settings icon in your right-hand bottom corner. On the left side menu, you will need to scroll down until you find the apps section. From there, you will have to scroll down until you find Codm.

How do I link my CoD mobile Apple ID to Facebook?

In order to link your CoD mobile Apple ID to Facebook, go to the Settings tab on your phone, tap on General, scroll down until you see a list of apps, tap on the Facebook app, sign in with your phone and then you can link your phone to your Facebook profile.

How do I link my Call of Duty 2021 to Facebook?

You will be able to connect your Facebook account through the Call of Duty 2021 app on your PlayStation 4.

How do I transfer my CoD account to another account?

If you have to move your Call of Duty account, you will need to contact the game publisher Activision.

Can you merge Call of Duty: Mobile accounts?

You will receive an email explaining the merge of the two accounts, and why. You will then need to accept or refuse the merge. After being approved, you will receive the merge code.

How do I unlink my Apple account from cod?

On your Apple ID you will see a link “Sign out”. Click that and you will be asked to confirm your email address and enter your password to log out.

How do I link my Call of Duty Mobile to my Apple ID?

When you are asked to link your game to your Apple ID, you need to tap on the “iCloud” section, then you need to put in your Apple ID and password. After that, go back to the app store and you should tap on “Sign Out”.

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