How Do I Unlink My Skype Account From Windows 10?

Sign in to your Skype account at click here.In the top right corner of the page, click Settings, then Account Settings.Next to your Microsoft account, click Unlink.Select Continue when a confirmation message appears.

How do I unlink my Skype account from Windows 10?

First, you need to log into Skype. Then you need to find and click on your Microsoft Account. Then you have to click on the Unlink button.

How do I delete my Skype account without deleting my Microsoft account?

In order to have Skype removed from your Microsoft account without affecting it, you first need to remove the relationship between Skype and Microsoft account.

How do I unlink Microsoft account?

To delete a Microsoft account from your Android device, tap and hold the Link to Windows icon in the Quick Access panel. Select Remove account from Your Phone Companion under Passwords & Accounts on your device to remove an existing Microsoft account.

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