How Do You Cancel A Subscription On Smule?

If you want to cancel your subscription on Smule you will need to open the Settings menu in the app and tap on “Manage subscription”. From there you can tap on “Cancel subscription” to end your subscription.

How much is Smule a month?

Smule is $4.99 per months, and comes with access to their entire catalog of over 800+ free mobile games.

How much is a Smule membership?

Smule membership is $11.99 for the first two years.

Can I cancel my Smule subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, your Smule account will remain active but your account will no longer be used for new friend requests and other interactions.

How do I subscribe to Smule?

To join Smule, go to the Smule website and click on “Join” in the top right corner of the homepage. Then, enter a desired email address and password and click on “Create Account.” You will then be directed to an email confirming your new account.

Do I have to pay for Smule?

You can unlock the ability to change your avatar with custom colors, buy stickers, get emotes, and many more.

How do I cancel my VIP subscription on Smule?

The VIP subscription can be canceled by opening the app and signing in. From the menu bar, select “Settings.” Click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen and select “VIP Membership” and then “Cancel VIP Membership.

What is VIP on Smule?

The company’s VIP feature gives its users exclusive perks, such as bonus coins and no ads.

How much does smule cost in India?

Smule is a music app that lets users create and share music with others around the world. It is available on the ios, and android. The app is free, but users can purchase in-app items such as song packs, vocal efects, and more.

Can you get a refund on Smule?

Smule offers a policy in which you can ask for a refund within a limited period of time. A refund is not easy to obtain.

Is Smule free in India?

Yes, you can get back your money back within 14 days of buying the product. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it. If you are satisfied, then you can use any other option on the market.

Is Smule safe?

Smule is a safe app that needs to be aware of the permissions that it is asking for. This may be necessary for the app to function properly, but it is recommended to check the permissions first.

What is the best free karaoke app?

The coolest karaoke app is definitely Sing! with Smule. It has a huge library of songs, and it’s easy to be creative and share their fun.

Can I sing solo on Smule?

Singing solo on Smule is easy! Open the app and tap the “Solo” button in the top right corner of the main screen. Then, select a song to sing.

Can you see who viewed your Smule?

You can see who’s viewed your page on Smule by clicking “Viewers” on your profile.

Do you need VIP for Smule?

[Yes, you do need a VIP membership to use this app.] However, a VIP membership does offer some benefits. These benefits include exclusive access to features only available for VIP members.

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