How Do You Clear Your Instagram Feed?

If you want to remove history what you have searched, follow the given steps.Next, go to Phone’s setting>> Apps >> Select Instagram and clear cache data and it will resets your explore tab.

What is an Instagram feed?

“Instagram Feed” refers to your main Instagram profile page where you upload photos and videos. Those photos and videos appear in the feeds of your followers as well as any hashtags you utilize.

How can I see the full Instagram feed?

This method is easy to use, and for people who like to use social media, this is a good way to view Instagram photos without the hassle of having to visit Instagram.

What’s the difference between Instagram story and feed?

Content is the first step for any business. Stories are temporary and can be updated multiple times and can be read from anywhere. Instead of posting a post on your website, you can simply push a story right into your feed.

What does feed mean in social media?

A social feed is a group of news from one social media where users include status updates, photographs, videos, and links from other social media. This includes Twitter and Instagram. The #barcamp on Twitter or all of Instagram are two examples of a social feed.

What is Instagram direct and feed?

You may send posts from your Feed as a direct message, and the posts will be seen only on your feed. You may use the app for Android and iPhone to send messages from the app itself. Select the post you wish to send.

Can anyone who is not my follower direct message me on instagram if I have a private account?

It is very irritating to be harassed by people who do not care to be with you and who try to contact you. To protect you, your profile must remain public, and you will be able to see who is trying to contact you.

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