How Do You Delete A Mailbox?

There are two ways to delete a mailbox. First, there is a Recipients section; Click the “Mailboxes” area, then Click the “mailbox” that you want to delete. Then click delete. The “delete” button is greyed out on the screen, but will delete the mailbox.

How do you delete a mailbox?

To delete a mailbox, 1. Go to the EAC, 2. Navigate to Recipients, 3. Click the “mailbox” that you want to delete, 4. Click Delete, 5. Click Yes to delete the mailbox.

How do you delete a mailbox on iPhone?

To remove a mailbox from Microsoft Exchange, first, go to the Mailboxes list and tap Edit. Tap the mailbox you want to remove. Tap Delete Mailbox. Tap Delete and then tap (finish).

How do I delete a mailbox in Mail?

Go to the Email app and tap Accounts. If you don’t see an account you want to remove, tap the Accounts button in the top right-hand corner. On the Account window, press and hold any Exchange account that is highlighted until a Menu window appears. Then click Remove Account on this Menu menu. A warning message will appear; if you want to delete your account with your selected email provider, click Remove Account or Last Step.

Why can’t I delete a mailbox on my Mac?

While you can’t actually delete a mailbox, Mailbox will give you the option to delete or rebuild the mailbox.

How do I delete a mailbox on my Mac?

When deleting an IMAP mailbox, you should first send an Offline command to close the mailbox (see “What’s the difference between IMAP and POP3?” above for more information on that topic). If you are unable to do so, simply delete the mailbox from the Mac Mail client.

How can I delete thousands of emails at once?

Instead of clicking a nice button to delete thousands of emails all at once, you’ll need to press the Shift key and click the first email, hold it down, click the last email, and then hit Delete.

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