How Do You Delete A Minecraft Pe Account?

To deactivate your account, go to My Account under My Contacts. Then click on delete account and follow the instructions they will send you.

How do I cancel my minecraft account?

Go to, log in using your Mojang account, then click on the three dots on the top of the screen and select “Account Settings”. Make sure that you are logged in as a Mojang account holder, then select the “Delete your account” option from the drop-down menu.

How do you change your Microsoft account on Minecraft PE?

After you’ve changed your account, go to the Minecraft home menu and click “Change User” by clicking the “Y” button. Afterward, you can change from friends to own by clicking this “Y” button.

Can you delete a Microsoft account?

Select the Sign in to the account and then Select Account. Select the account you want to remove under Sign-in, then Select Manage. To confirm your decision, select Delete.

How do you delete a Microsoft account on a Minecraft switch?

You can delete a user account from the settings menu by selecting the user from the user list and then choosing Delete from the dropdown menu in the middle of the right side of the screen.

How do I delete my Microsoft account on my phone?

To do this click on Settings on your iOS or Android device and open Link to Windows by tapping and holding the Link to Windows icon in the Quick Access pane. Select a Microsoft account from the drop-down menu. Scroll down until you reach Your Phone Companion, where you’ll find your old Microsoft account email address. Click on Your Phone Companion and then Remove your account.

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