How Do You Delete A Profile On The Netflix App?

To delete a profile on the app, tap on the profile you want to delete. Tap “Cancel”. Then tap “Delete”.

How do you delete a profile on the Netflix app?

1. Open up Netflix on your phone.2. Tap “More”3. Tap “Manage Profiles”4. Press on the profile you want to delete5. Press “Delete.”6. Press “Yes.”7. Your profile is now deleted.

Where is the Delete Profile button on Netflix?

Click the Manage Profiles link in the header and sign in to your account. Select the profile you want to remove, then click the X icon at the top right of the profile, next to the profile name.

Why won’t Netflix let me delete a profile?

When you sign up in Netflix, you will see that there is a profile already created for your account; this is the main profile of your account, which can’t be deleted. You can rename it, change its language, modify its maturity ratings, and make other changes, but you will never be able to remove it.

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