How Do You Delete A Team Post?

To delete a post, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, then select “Delete”.

How do I delete a team group in Microsoft?

To delete a group of accounts, follow these steps: 1) Select the team group you want to delete. 2) Click on the Gear icon in the corner of the screen. 3) Click on “Delete Group” 4) Click “YES” when prompted.

How do you permanently delete a message?

There are two ways to delete your message. One is by sending the message yourself by calling someone on their phone or emailing it. The other way is by deleting it on your computer.

How do I edit a team post?

If you are logged on as an editor, simply go to your Profile page and click the Edit My Profile button in the top right corner.

Can Admin see deleted teams messages?

Thanks for the quick note. If you delete your messages, they will be removed from your inbox and chat history. However, they will still be visible to the admin of the team chat.

Why can’t I delete a chat in Microsoft teams?

The main and most noticeable reason why you can’t delete a chat is that chats aren’t expire. They are stored indefinitely and can be accessed at any time. Chats are shared with other people on your team. If you delete one chat, you might delete important conversations for someone else on your team.

How do you delete a Microsoft team file?

Just click on the three dots and select “remove from list.” You can also use the “Delete” menu item located on the right-click menu in the Team Explorer.

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