How Do You Delete A Tinder Account You Can’t Access?

A login is a security feature on Tinder that prevents other people from logging in as you. If you’ve forgotten your login information, you can reset your password on Tinder by going to and clicking “Forgot your password?” In the email that you receive after logging in with that information, you’ll be asked to provide your email address associated with your Tinder account. Once you’ve submitted this information, you’ll receive an email or text with instructions on how to change your password.

Why can’t I access my old Tinder account?

Tinder has a few reasons why you can’t access your old account. I’ll tell you the two main possibility. One is that your email is not valid anymore. The other one is that your account is not active for a certain period of time.

How do you delete a Tinder account you can’t access?

If your Tinder account has been disabled by Tinder, you should email the email address associated with your account. It will ask if you want to deactivate the account and then delete all of your matches.

How do I know if my Tinder account is deleted?

Tinder does not give you any notice if your account has been deleted. However, if you find that you don’t have access to your account or if you are unable to access your profile, it is likely that your account has been deleted.

How do I get back into my Tinder account?

If you lose your Tinder login or password, follow these steps: First we find an email that you used to use Tinder, and then we send you a message with the link that you have to click on to reset your password.

Does Tinder delete old accounts?

When new users start using the app, they will see a notification.

Why is my Tinder not working?

A few problems that could stop Tinder from working are: First, it could be that people are swiping through people too quickly. Second, the app is always growing in popularity, so there could be a lot of people using it at the moment.

What is Shadowbanned on Tinder?

When your own profile is shadowbanned, you won’t be able to see other users photos or profile information. You won’t see their messages or be able to request matches.

How do I contact Tinder customer service?

Gotinder is very easy to use. You can also download our app directly from Google Play and the App Store.

Why did Tinder delete my account?

The app may also delete your data if you aren’t using it regularly. You may also be reported by other users for inappropriate behavior. If you want to find out why your account was deleted, you can contact Tinder support.

How long before Tinder deletes your account?

Tinder is a dating service where you can match with new people you like.

Does Tinder support ever respond?

Tinder has claimed that its customer service are excellent and that they will be working to become better.

Why is my Tinder account still active?

Tinder is a dating app. You have to delete it from your phone to make sure it doesn’t use anything else. But if you didn’t delete the app, it might keep using its connection to your Facebook account.

Is it possible to be shadowbanned on Tinder?

Yes, it is possible to be shadowbanned on Tinder. Shadowbanned is when an app or website bans a user without them knowing. This means that you cannot see your own profile, and you cannot see any of the other users who have been banned.

Does Tinder ban your Wi-Fi?

You can’t control your account from a different device. But if you are using a public or shared Wi-Fi at the moment of the incident, it may be a problem. You can try to log out, but it may not work.

Why did Tinder ban me for no reason?

Tinder told you to leave their website because you were causing them a problem, they said that you were someone that was not allowed on their website. You can’t contact them.

Does Tinder track your IP?

Tinder has no way of tracking your location, but it does require that you enter your location as your location cannot be anonymous.

How long does it take for Tinder to respond?

Tinder is not always able to get back to people within a set amount of time. However, it is usually pretty quick. You’ll almost always get a response within a few hours to a few days.

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