How Do You Delete All Facebook Videos At Once?

On the activity log, click on video. Then click on the video you want to remove. Then click on the trash can icon at the top right corner.

Can you mass delete stuff on facebook?

Deleting stuff on Facebook is easy. You can delete stuff from the individual posts on your timeline. There’s a feature where you can also delete stuff from individual posts. You can also delete stuff from your timeline.

How do I delete all my videos?

In order to delete all of your videos, you will have to go into your YouTube account and choose the uploads tab. Then, choose all of the videos that you would like deleted. This will take a few minutes as it will upload and delete each video.

How do you delete all Facebook posts?

You can remove a post on your own page or in your timeline by selecting the post you want to delete, clicking the three dots icon at the top right of the post and clicking on delete. You can also delete posts by clicking “Delete,” in your “General Account Settings,” under your “Your Activity Log” page. Delete all your old posts by clicking on “Clear All Activity” on your “Your Activity Log” page.

How do you delete videos off of Facebook?

If you have already posted a video to your Facebook profile, you can delete it from your timeline. By going to the video and clicking the ellipses in the top right corner and selecting “Remove from my timeline,” you can delete the video.

How do I delete all social media posts?

You can also go to the “Photos and Videos” section on your Facebook and Instagram accounts and click “Delete” next to the particular post you want to remove. You can also go to your profile page for Twitter and click the “delete” button next to the specific tweet you want to remove.

How do you permanently delete videos on Android?

You can install Clean Master app to quickly delete the video. You can also use file explorer app for this.

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