How Do You Delete Aol Account On Iphone?

From the bottom menu tap the settings icon. Tap manage accounts. Tap edit. Tap remove next to the account you want to delete. Tap done.

How do I permanently delete my AOL email account?

Click Delete My Account at the top of your dashboard in a web browser. Go to and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need to log in, do so now. Then select Next if prompted to enter your login information. Type your last email address, press, and then Sign in. Click continue to delete my account by clicking Continue Delete My Account.

Why can’t I delete my AOL account?

You will lose all your information on AOL and can’t reactivate AOL with your new email address within a year. You can’t change the AOL email or your contact information (phone number, address) within 90 days.

Why can’t I delete an email account from my iPhone?

When you use the iOS system, you may find that the account has a profile. In this case, you should tap Settings > General > Profile and then remove the profile.

How can I delete an email account from my iPhone?

When there’s no apps you want, go to the App Library and tap the three dots on the bottom right to access it.

Does deleting an email delete it from all devices?

When you delete my emails from my computer, I get a message from my phone that says I have received a new message.

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