How Do You Delete Dragon City Data?

From the App Store, search for Dragon City. Tap on “Delete”. You will find some data in your iCloud account, so you can see it in your personal settings. Then you can delete it by going to Settings > iCloud account > View your iCloud account and choosing Dragon City.

How do you delete your data on Dragon City?

A social game for Android and iOS, Dragon City can be played for free but you can make money with purchases in-game. The game has an option that lets you delete your account, or reset your settings. Resetting your account will remove all of the player’s data from the game and deleting the account will remove all of the player’s data from both the game and Facebook.

How do you restart Dragon City?

There are two ways to restart Dragon City. First, you can press the “restart” button in the upper left corner of your screen, or you can go to the “Dragon City” tab in the top menu bar and click on “Restart.” Either way, you will be taken back to the main menu where you will be able to continue playing.

How do I start a new Dragon City account?

You can get a new dragon city account by going to the dragon city website and clicking on “sign up” or tapping on the dragon city app on your phone.

How do I delete app progress?

Go to settings, click on privacy and then history to delete apps that contain data you’d rather not have displayed.

How do you restart Dragon City IOS?

However, if you can’t access the app, you need to restart it. You can do this by clicking the reload icon at the top of the screen. After you do this, the app will reload the map on your Android device.

How do I delete Dragon City from Facebook?

There are 2 methods of deleting the game: you can press the “x” button next to the game or you can go to your account settings and remove it.

How do you change Dragon City account?

You must login to your account as it is the only way to make changes to your account.

How do you get free gems on Dragon City?

You can get free gems by completing quests. There are different types of quests and they are worth different amounts of gems. You can also get free gems with real money, but it is not recommended as it will cost you more in the long run.

How do you make a new account on Dragon City 2022?

Before playing, you may have to create a new account on the official website. Enter your email and create a password to play the game.

How do you change your name on Dragon City?

To change your name in Dragon City, go to the Settings section of the game and click on “My Account”. Then, you must enter your new name and tap “Save”.

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