How Do You Delete Plays On Hudl?

Log in to Hudl .com , then hover over Play Tools and select Playbook. Select Offensive, Defensive, or Special Teams playbook. Click the play card you want to delete. Click the gear icon. Click Remove. Once a play card is deleted, it cannot be restored.

How do you delete videos from HUDL?

To delete a video, on the left side of the screen click the Details button, which will give you several options. Click Remove from This will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the video. Click OK. The video will be removed.

How do you delete games on HUDL?

Go to and login using your Hulu username and password. Click the team icon and then the Schedule screen. Select the event that you want to delete. Click Delete to confirm your decision. To confirm that you’d want all video or data associated with that event deleted permanently, click Remove Event.

How do I edit a play on HUDL?

The way is to: click on a music playlist and select a playlist by clicking the circle next to it’s name.

How do you delete seasons on HUDL?

Log into your Hudl account. To edit a season, first you need to be logged in as an Owner/Coach. Once that is done, select the season and click Edit Season. This will let you delete it from there.

Does HUDL delete videos?

The video will be completely deleted in few seconds. Playlists and highlights based on the video will be saved for next time. To manage your library, login to and click Video.

Can you delete a Hudl account?

If you want to permanently remove highlights on Hudl, you will need to delete your account yourself.

How do you delete a custom label on HUDL?

If you select an existing label, choose its properties and then hit Delete on your keyboard to make it removable.

How do you add a season on HUDL?

Create a season in by clicking Schedule on the site’s home page. Click Create Season. If you want to create a new season, select New. If you want to go back to the previous season, select Previous Season. Select the appropriate season.

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