How Do You Delete Progress On Duolingo?

To navigate to the tree, go to the menu on the right (Language). You can click the button “Learning Language”, or “Remove Languages”, or “Reset Progress” if you want to start the language tree from the beginning.

Can you wipe duolingo progress?

When you are on the language settings page you can restart a course or clear the current course. Please keep in mind that this cannot be undone, so only reset or remove a course if you are positive about it!

How do you reset a duolingo account?

The best way to learn a language is to take a course. Once you finish your course you can change the language that you studied.

How do you delete a duolingo account?

If you don’t want to keep all your personal information, then you can contact the support and erase everything you want. We will then send an email to your email address to confirm we got all your personal data.

How do I restart a lesson on duolingo?

If you want to reset a course, you have to go to the pale gray link in the box on the left (just below where you may add a course) and select reset course. Welcome back!

How do you go back to Lesson 1 on duolingo?

Go to and sign in. Select a course. Tap the “dumbbell” icon next to the skill name. The review is opened in a new tab.

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