How Do You Delete Youtube History On Android?

You can delete YouTube history from the app itself, or you can delete YouTube history on the website.To delete YouTube events and comments from the app itself, open the YouTube app and go to Settings.Scroll down and tap on “History & Privacy”. Tap on “History” and then tap on “Delete all watch history”.To delete YouTube events and comments from YouTube’s website, go to YouTube and sign in.

What happens when you clear your YouTube history?

When you clear your YouTube history, you will delete your watch and search history and the cookies used to track your activity. This will also mean your subscriptions and favorites will be cleared.

How do I permanently delete my YouTube history?

To remove all your YouTube history from the past, you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
-Open the Chrome window.-On the top right, click More.-Click History.-Under “Clear browsing data,” click Clear data.-In the “Time range” drop-down menu, select All time.

Does clearing YouTube history free up space?

Clearing your YouTube history can free up space on your device. When you use the YouTube application, it saves a copy of that video to your device. If you have a lot of videos saved on your device, clearing your history can free up some space.

How do I permanently delete my YouTube history on my phone?

If you want to permanently delete the YouTube app, you’ll need to completely remove the YouTube app. To do this, go to Settings, Apps & Notifications, then scroll down to YouTube, and tap Remove (red button).

Does clearing history Delete views?

Clearing history removes the data from your session but it does not delete views.

Can other Youtubers see your history?

Public videos of other subscribers includes public videos that you are subscribed to and public videos that other subscribers are subscribed to. The public videos that you are subscribed to and public videos that other subscribers are subscribed to includes only public videos, not private videos.

Can YouTube history be tracked?

YouTube history will track your history on YouTube and keep track of every video you watched and every search you did on the site. You can also erase all your history – if you want to keep your watch history private.

How do I delete stuff on YouTube?

It’s very easy to delete videos on YouTube. Just open the video you want to delete and click the three dots in the top right corner of the video. Select “Delete” and then confirm your choice.

What does deleting history do?

When you delete history, all traces of your activity are removed. This includes all your shopping history, and searches that you made. You can choose the amount of time to keep the deleted information.

How do I delete my YouTube history without an account Android?

You can’t delete your YouTube history without an account on Android. If you want to erase your past, you would need to create a YouTube account and then delete the history from within the account settings.

How do you delete YouTube history on Samsung?

If you want to delete your YouTube history in Samsung, you’ll need to go to the app’s home page by opening the YouTube app and scrolling to the top. Then, tap on three lines to the left of the app, followed by tapping the History option and then tapping the Clear all watch history option.

Can deleted YouTube history be recovered?

Most people who delete YouTube history just clear their browsing history. If you delete the youtube history from the YouTube website than it becomes very difficult to recover. This is because the YouTube history is stored on your computer and this depends upon your browser. If you use Firefox than the History tab is located in the Tools drop down. If you use Chrome, then the History tab is located in the Top Menu. Here is a list of links to YouTube related information.

How do you check someones YouTube history?

YouTube doesn’t offer any official way to check someone’s YouTube history. One way would be to look at their account’s history page, which shows all the videos they’ve watched on the site. Another way would be to use a third-party tool like YouTube History Tracker, which can track all the videos someone has watched on YouTube, even if they’re not logged in.

How do you delete watched history videos?

If you’re using YouTube on a smartphone or tablet:Open the YouTube app on your device.Sign in to your account so the app can access your account.Swipe left from the video you want to delete, then select “More”.Select “History”.Select the video you want to delete then select “Delete”.Select “Done”.

How do I delete YouTube videos from my Android phone?

Tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the video and select Delete.
If that doesn’t work, you can also try hitting the menu button and selecting delete.

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