How Do You Earn Cash On Covet Fashion?

Covet Fashion is an app to sell clothes you don’t need. You can make money by selling your clothes, by referring friends and by shopping on the app.

How do you level up fast in covet fashion?

If you’re looking for fashion packs, you can also purchase them from the Covet Store. The Covet Store is where you can buy new fashion packs.

How much money does covet fashion make?

Covet Fashion is a fashion industry leader in the Middle East that also does business in the U.S.

Is covet fashion hack safe?

Covet Fashion helps you discover the best clothes and companies. Interact with millions of other players as you discover clothes and companies that you like. Improve your purchasing habits by customizing regalia and getting your hands on the clothes that you deserve.

What is the highest level in covet fashion?

Level 1 is the lowest closet level in the game. It provides you with the cheapest hair and makeup necessities. You will gradually ascend to higher closet levels as you acquire more items. Hair and cosmetics are rewarded at higher closet levels. The current highest level in the game, according to developer Ne-tmarble, is level 101, but they add a new level every month.

Can you get banned from covet fashion?

It is possible that you will be banned if you are reported. Some FHs are very explicit about what kind of looks should be posted in the chat.

What does a house officer do in covet fashion?

House officers are able to do the following: They are allowed to start rallies, they can remove people from the house, but they can not change the name of the fashion house, modify the house description, or promote/demote members.

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