How Do You Edit Ledger?

You can edit any information in the ledger master except the closing balance under Groups stock in hand. To do this, go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Ledgers > Display or Alter. You can edit a single ledger or multiple ledgers at once.

How do you edit ledger?

If you want to use that calendar week’s week number as the date, you can do so by selecting the calendar’s corresponding number from the menu on the far left side. This will put the date of that week number into the ledger’s entry.

What is the best way to edit a ledger?

To edit a ledger, use the “shift” button on your keyboard and scroll down with your mouse wheel to select multiple entries at once. For caloric adjustments, make sure you are in Edit mode by clicking the pencil icon on the far right, and then multi-select all the entries within the category you want to change by clicking each category name at the top of its column.

What if I want to remove something from a previous day?

To delete food items from older date, go to edit mode for that date and then choose “delete” next to any meal you want to delete. If you delete something from a previous day, it also be removed from that day’s total for that nutrient or food group.

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