How Do You Get Something Removed From Wikipedia?

Get something on Wikipedia deleted.

Go to the article that you want to delete.

Select if it’s necessary to delete the article. Under the “More” dropdown, click on the “Delete” button.

Select the reason that you want to delete the page. Click on “Delete page” to delete the article.

How do you get something removed from Wikipedia?

There are many ways to remove an article from Wikipedia – and some of them are really difficult.

Why did my Wikipedia edit get removed?

An editor removed your change because it was vandalism, or disruptive. Your change seemed to be adding more information than was really necessary, without any backing references. We do not allow editors to add information that is of no real value…. Introducing new information that is unreferenced.

What procedures are in place to remove or correct mistakes in Wikipedia?

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. You can make yourself or any other person correct this mistake by going into the edit page and making the change.

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