How Do You Hide All Your Photos On Instagram?

For Instagram, go to
your profile, tap settings,
tap privacy, tap tags, tap
hide photos and videos of you,
select the photos or videos you
want to hide, then tap hide,
then tap hide from profile.

How do you hide all your photos on Instagram?

To hide your photos and videos from your profile, go to your profile settings, then click on the Tags tab and click on the Hide Photos and Videos of You option.Select the photos or videos you want to hide, then click on the Hide Photos tab and click on the Hide option.
And if you want to take your photo or video down from Instagram completely, follow the steps below.

Can you hide stuff on Instagram?

You can’t hide what you post on Instagram, but you can hide it from people on Instagram. If you delete your profile, or decrease the visibility of your posts to hide your activity, Instagram will remove your content from everyone’s news feeds, which is a solution to the problem.

What happens when you hide photos on Instagram?

If you want to hide a photo from Instagram, you can just hide the photo from your feed. The photo will still exist on the app and it will remain there even if you delete it from Instagram.

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