How Do You Log Out Of Reddit App?

The instructions which appear when you log out of Reddit app.

How do I logout of all devices on Reddit?

Clicking on the account activity link beneath the “recently viewed links” box on the right side leads to a page with a log out option. It also has your IP address and when you logged into the site.

Can you use Reddit app without logging in?

When you visit the desktop version of Reddit, the version that was previously installed on your PC may now be inaccessible. You may need to download the website from a web browser that does support this, such as Brave.

How do you log someone out of Reddit?

To log out of Instagram, go to your profile, find the gear icon in the upper-right corner and select logout. You must first access your account via the gear symbol.

Can you log into Reddit on multiple devices?

The account is available on multiple devices via the internet.

How do I log into Reddit without an account?

Simply replace the “WWW” of the URL with the old platform’s domain (URL). Then, after changing it back to, paste it into your browser and hit refresh several times until it comes up correctly. Anyone on the computer can use it.

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