How Do You Save A Wesing Video To Your Phone?

You can “record your own voice”, and click on “private” to keep your personal information.

How do you save a WeSing video to your phone?

1. Start the Sing&Record app.2. Tell the app what name you want to give your song.3. Tap “Save”.4. Tap “Done”.5. Close the app.6. Tap the folder called “Sing&Record”.

How can I download videos from WeSing?

To listen to or view a WeSing song or video, click on the link which should appear in the message.

How do I download karaoke on Smule?

The video will now automatically appear in your device’s gallery.

How do I download WeSing on my laptop?

You can download BlueStacks emulator on your computer. After installation, it should be open on your desktop screen a photo of an Android phone with a search bar at the top.

How do I download a video from Smule to the gallery?

There is where you can find the links to the content you want to download.

How do I convert songs from Smule to mp4?

The first step is to find the link for the song you would like to download. Then open your Smule Applications if you don’t already have it running. Paste that URL into where it says “open URL.” If you have copied a URL for the video, enter it as before and press Download Video.

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