How Do You Unlink A Psn Account From A Ps Vita?

When you have Playstation Network, go to Settings, then PlayStation Network. Then select Game and Video/Music, and deactivate both options. Then sign out, and if you signed in with your own PSN account, sign in with your account.

How do you unlink a PSN account from a PS Vita?

When system is activated, users must go to Playstation Network, then Network & User Data, then PlayStation Network, then Sign in, and select Sign-in method, and chose Account name, and password.

How do you unlink a PSN account from a PS Vita?

1.From the system, go to Settings, 2.Then from the menu, select Playstation Network, 3.Then from the console, go to system activation, 4.And select Deactivate on both options. 5.Then sign out and sign in with your account or create a new one.

How do you sign out of an account on PS Vita?

Now, sign out. You will be prompted to sign in the next time you log in, and you have to decide if you want to sign in. Make sure you’re signed in correctly. Check that the screen is correct, and then sign in.

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