How Far Off Is Credit Karma Scores?

We got to chatting about the topic after I got a copy of my credit reports from Experian, and I was stunned to see a couple of hard inquiries on there from TransUnion. I had no idea that had ever happened, and I also wasn’t even aware that my score had gotten low enough that I should be worried about traveling to a friend’s wedding abroad. I decided to check into the issue for myself, and my score was actually pretty good for the amount of time since the inquiries went on. The most recent credit card inquiry was from a month ago, and the most recent hard inquiry was from my Experian scorecard more than three years and two months prior. I did a small research project for my business partner on credit scores, and I was shocked to learn what I found.

Why is Credit Karma so far off on my credit score?

Many factors can cause your credit score to drop as well. This is mainly due to bad or irresponsible credit habits, such as making late or missed payments, a high ratio of debt compared to available credit, and opening new accounts.

How far off is Credit Karma scores?

I was interested in knowing how close I could come to perfect credit. My partner’s score is a pathetic 500 and I wanted to know how I could get it up to 700, or even higher. I found out that it takes a long time to improve your score, but you can actually raise it dramatically.

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