How Long Does Instagram Account Take To Delete?

After selecting “Delete my account”, Instagram will start deleting your account from its servers. This will take around an hour or two to complete. In the process, all your data will be deleted, including the data on your phone, computer, and any of your other accounts. [Note: A couple of those photos that you might have liked may be saved to your phone, but will still be deleted from Instagram’s servers].5: If you want to delete more than just your Instagram account at once, go to “Settings” and click “Deactivate” for the account. You may be asked to confirm this.

How long does Instagram account take to delete?

1: From your profile, go to “Settings” and then click on “Apps” followed by “Instagram”.
2: Below the app listing there will be a tab that says “Delete Account”
3: Click “Delete Account”
4: If you are sure that you are done with your account, read through the message that pops up.

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