How Long Is Facebook Temporarily Locked?

Facebook has a mechanism to lock your account for any number of reasons. The duration can range from a minute, twenty-four hours, seven days, fourteen days, twenty-one days to even a month or more. Some reasons that may cause Facebook to lock your account include suspicious account activity or an incorrectly entered password during login.

How long is Facebook temporarily locked?

If you think your Facebook account has been compromised or locked, you may have to wait for Facebook to unlock your account. There are many factors that may prevent them from unlocking your account in a timely manner, such as suspicious login activity or an incorrectly entered password.

Does Facebook temporarily lock your account?

Facebook will temporarily disable any user’s account and keep on monitoring the situation and will react when it is safe to react.

Why is my Facebook page temporarily locked?

The fact that Facebook users are being blocked from using it means that there may be a problem with their device and/or their Internet connection.

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