How Long Should A MacBook Pro Last?

How Long Should A MacBook Pro Last

When you take care of your MacBook Pro, it should last you a very long time. Most computer technicians think that the build quality of MacBook pro products have deteriorated over time, looking properly after your device will still extend its shelf life by a significant period. The average lifespan of Mac Book Pro is about7years and most people will report operation system upgrade issues after this period. With light usage, the MacBook Pro should last for about 10years.

What Are The Signs Your MacBook Pro Is Getting Old? 

Regular wear and tear will affect the lifespan of your MacBook pro. mechanical bumps, unhealthy downloads, and not updating or upgrading the software on the computer may be responsible for most deterioration on the MacBook pro.

Your MacBook Pro No Longer Support Mac OS Upgrade Or Update

If your computer is no longer supporting the latest Mac operating system, perhaps it has reached the end of its life cycle. Due to tool age, some MacBook pro may no longer accept new Apple upgrades. If you can upgrade the computer to a newer OS like Mac OS 10.15 Catalina for instance, you need to consider replacing the device. You can visit site to learn more about common upgrades and update issues that show your MacBook Pro needs replacement.

Your Computer Become Too Slow for No Reason

MacBook Pro is built to last but for reasons linked to old age, because it is not as powerful as it used to. advances in computer technology ensure that new MacBook Pro younger than 5 years are made with new components. If your computer is older than 5 years, some key components such as CPU and RAM will become drastically slower than usual, even the battery life would have declined with the age.

What Factors Will Determine How Long Your MacBook Pro Will Last?

The following factors will determine how long your MacBook Pro will last.

1. How Your MacBook Pro is Used 

Do you use your MacBook Pro mostly for work or for entertainment? If you use the computer for work every day, you are simply subjecting all its components to daily strains and stress and most especially components like keyboard, power source, battery, and keyboard. Though MacBook Pro components are designed to withstand daily workloads such strains and stress will eventually reduce their expectancies. If for instance, you use the computer for work every day, you may need battery replacements every 2-3 years.

2. Maintenance Culture

Your style of maintaining your MacBook Pro may determine how long it will last. For instance, do you allow dust to settle on the screen or keyboard? Do you perform disc clean up and run antivirus software? Do you allow the battery to discharge almost all its power before you recharge it? Do you shut down properly at the end of the day or simply hibernate always?

If your answers to these questions are No, then your MacBook Pro lifespan may be shortening significantly. Just like you service a car, you need to service your computer to ensure that it works optimally. You must clean dust and grease attached to the body or screen of the computer immediately.

You must allow the battery to discharge to less than 10% before recharging, to protect the lifespan of the battery. You must consider shutting down the computer at the end of each day instead of putting it in hibernating mode. Make sure the hardware and software devices are updated immediately you receive a notification. All these actions can go a long way to make your computer last over a decade.

3. Did you Buy it New, Pre-used, or Refurbished?

A new MacBook Pro will likely last longer than a Refurbished one which may also last longer than a pre-used option depending on how long it has been used. If the computer has only been used for a few months, perhaps it may last longer than a refurbished computer that has been used for years but several components have been replaced with new ones. If you buy your MacBook Pro very new, it should have no-fault, unlike used and refurbished computers that might have developed faults that have been fixed. Some refurbished computers may have old components replaced with new ones that may not work efficiently as the old one.

4. Should I Fix My MacBook Pro or Buy a New One

Now that you know how long your MacBook Pro will last and factors that can determine how long it will last. If you MacBook Pro belongs to obsolete categories like MacBook Pro 2011-2013, you may find it difficult to get component replacement parts for such, and Apple may not offer much support for such old models, hence it will make more sense to get a new model instead of buying another old model. If you manage to get replacement parts, the costs of fixing or installation may also be high if you hire an Apple-certified technician.

You may also discover that Apple had recalled some of these components due to technical issues. For instance, some Mac Laptops were recalled between 2015 and 2017 for battery related issues.

Some MacBook Pro models were recalled between 2017 and 2018 for SSD service-related complaints while the 14” MacBook Pro products were recalled between 2016 and 2017 for a battery replacement program.


Prolonging the lifespan of your Apple MacBook Pro through regular maintenance is more important than any other option. Consider the costs of carrying out regular repairs in addition to everyday heavy usage of your MacBook Pro. Repairs will make your computer depreciate quickly and you may end up purchasing a new product if repair components don’t meet up with the speed and capability of your MacBook Pro. For these reasons, giving your computer a break sometimes helps in maintaining optimal functions of all the parts and this should be part of your regular maintenance routine. Pay attention to your MacBook Pro computer and follow the instructions and prompts for updates.

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