How Long Will Apple Support iphone 8?

How Long Will Apple Support iphone 8

Pertinent questions like how long will Apple support iPhone 8 are the ones that individuals using the said device should be asking. The company has a unique behavior, which Android owners can only dream of experiencing. Apple supports iPhones for a certain number of years before drawing the curtain on the phone model. So, if you want to know when support for the iPhone 8 will send, then you are in the right place.

So, the question is, how long will Apple support iPhone 8?

Apple’s past behavior shows that they can only support a device for a specified period. The company only renders support to older iPhone models for at least five years, and sometimes an additional year. So, since the iPhone 8 was launched in 2017, it’s possible that support may end in 2022 or 2023. However, the end of Apple’s support doesn’t imply the end of an iPhone’s usefulness. Your iPhone will still be working fine, only that you won’t be able to upgrade to enjoy the latest iOS.

So that’s it about when Apple will seize to support the iPhone 8. You can continue reading for more information on the said topic.

An iPhone iOS Update: Can it cause other things to be deleted?

Take a look at what the content of the iPhones most individuals own, the content will amaze you. From contacts to pictures, videos, and calendars, most iPhone users enjoy decorating their phones with media contents nonstop. And of course, it’s worth it, given the security features the device has. An iPhone that’s still enjoying support from Apple will undoubtedly be well secured.

However, most iPhone users have complained of losing their files after upgrading to newer iOS. These include essential data like pictures, calendars, personal information, and contacts. And while such an upgrade isn’t supposed to result in files disappearing from an iPhone, keep in mind that surprises can happen when we least expected.

What’s the best way to end the fear of losing your files while updating your iPhone? 

Well, the best option would be to backup your device. There are two options available to iPhone users to backup their devices. You can take advantage of them to keep your personal information safe while updating your iPhone.

Initiating an iPhone 8 Backup: Things You Need to Know

The iOS 13 is available as of the time of writing. So it’s only evident that iPhone 8 users across the globe invited to partake in the iOS upgrade party would want to take advantage of the latest iOS available.

But if you have an iPhone 8 or others that are still enjoying Apple’s support, then think of backing up your device before you start updating. As earlier mentioned, upgrading to a new iOS might not result in any of your files disappearing from your device. However, you should be ready for surprises that might spring up.

It will take a lot of time to search for and re-download deleted files. That is why a backup before an update is necessary. You will not only keep your data save but save time.

So before you pounce on any new update, back up your device! There are two backup options that Apple has made available to iPhone users, which you can use. You can decide to go with just one backup option if you like, only that the two options will ensure nothing goes wrong.

For instance, if you are unsuccessful when trying to reinstate backed up files in one of the options, you can use the second. So, backup your device using the two standard backups available. Even if they may end up being time-consuming, you will find it beneficial at last.

Tips on How to Backup an iPhone via the Two Standard Options

Tips on How to Backup an iPhone via the Two Standard Options

You may have discovered the two options Apple made available to iPhone users to backup their files whenever necessary. By now, you should also know that backing up an iPhone or any device is a no brainer.

So, the first backup you will be doing is synchronization to your desktop via iTunes. The process could be quicker than expected, and can also take several minutes. What determines how fast you can backup your iPhone is the frequency of your backups, and the last time that your iPhone was backed up.

If your last backup happened a long time ago, then your latest backup could be several minutes long. Finally, you need to ensure you save the keychain information provided after backing up. Make sure it is done before you proceed to other sections or backup process if you wish to do it right away. Just click on the encryption option provided to save the keychain info for the backup.

Next is another essential backup option. Here, you have to use iCloud, unlike the first. Backing up files on iPhone via iCloud is a wise option, but one thing you need to understand is that it doesn’t store pictures forever. The iCloud only saves images for 30 days and deletes them afterward. It can also store a maximum of 1000 photos before it removes them from its storage space.

Furthermore, the iCloud backup option is available to iPhone users for free. You will have free access to store your files there when you purchase your iPhone. The iCloud backup is carried out over WI-Fi and loads information straight to the online storage location. Files saved on iCloud are also secured and can be accessed whenever the need arises.


At this point, the question of how long will Apple support iPhone 8 should be clear to users of the device. But the good thing is that iPhone 8 users still have more time before Apple closes its door on the device, because it had become obsolete by then. At least, before that time, iPhone 8 users may have saved up enough funds to get themselves another machine. With that, they can continue to enjoy the new features that the latest iOS would provide.

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