How Many Wired Controllers Can Get Connected To Switch: The Gaming World

How Many Wired Controllers Can Get Connected To Switch

Is there anything better than gaming? The video gaming industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world. The gaming evolution has paved the way for the Nintendo console that provides varieties of games. The Nintendo comes in two types, including the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo switch lite. The two have had a massive impact on the gaming world.

Most people wonder about the maximum controllers they can connect to Nintendo switch to have the best gaming experience.  Here is everything you will need to know about the Nintendo Switch and its controllers.

How Many Wired Controllers Can Connect To Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming device that will give you a memorable gaming experience. It allows a total of eight controllers to connect simultaneously to ensure you have the best experience ever. The limitations that you will have will depend on the type of controllers that you use. The Joy-con controllers can connect up to eight, pro-controllers up to eight, and USB controllers up to two.

Controllers Connecting To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch has done all it can to provide gaming fanatics with the experience that they deserve. It has even made connecting controllers to be super-easy. The type of controllers that you use will determine how many controllers you can connect to the switch. You can use different controllers such as Joy-con, Pro-controllers, and USB controllers.

The joy-con controllers are among the best you can use. It allows players to use two different variations when playing. The joy-con comes with four controllers. Two players can use two controllers each. You can also split each pair of the four controllers into eight, making it possible for eight players to play.

When it comes to Pro-controllers, eight players can connect to the switch at the same time. They count as one controller switch since they are wireless. It is the most suitable for players who have had difficulty staying away from the Playstation layouts. You can be sure that the pro-controller will give you an unforgettable experience.

The fantastic thing about the Nintendo Switch is that you can mix up things and match combinations to connect up to eight players simultaneously. It means that you can connect both the pro controller and joy-con controller and use them simultaneously.

How To Connect Your Controller To Nintendo Switch

The best way you can connect your controller to a Nintendo switch depends on your controller type. Before you start connecting your controller, you should first ensure you gather the required accessories. The first thing you will get is the controller and its charger. Here is how you can connect your joy-con controller to your Nintendo switch.

  • You will go to the Nintendo switch homepage and scroll down to the controller tab. The controller tab looks like a single gray joy-con. You will then click on it and select ‘’Change Grip/Order.’’
  • if the controller you want to connect is new, you will press and hold its sync button for about five seconds before continuing with the other steps. The sync button is the small circular button on the top of your controller. You will do the same thing when connecting a controller that has worked before, but the switch has forgotten it.
  • Then you will decide how you want to use your joy-con controller. You can choose to use it as an individual controller or use two joy-cons as a single controller.
  • If you choose to use a joy-con as an individual controller, you will first take it out of the switch. You will then press its shoulder buttons at once. The shoulder buttons have a label of ‘’SL’’ and ‘’SR’’. When you press these buttons a few times, the Nintendo switch recognizes the controller and connects.
  • On the other hand, if you choose to use two joy-con as a single controller, press the shoulder buttons labeled ‘’ZL and ‘’ZR.’’you should ensure that you press these two buttons simultaneously. The good thing about joy-con controllers is you can add up to four joy-con pairs.

Joy-Con Controllers Vs. Pro-Controllers

The Joy-con controller has two halves that work together to provide users with a unified gamepad experience. When it operates as one, it allows players to scan the amiibo and feel intense vibration feedback. Moreover, it also provides users with all buttons that they expect to be present on a modern gamepad. In addition, it allows users to it as two independent controllers. Therefore it becomes easy to enjoy local multiplayer with any compatible game.

The Pro-controller has a design that looks like that of a more traditional gamepad. It feels similar to those controllers of Xbox or Playstation. It is best suitable for adult users because of its grip. Like the Jo-con controller, it can also scan amiibo. The good thing about Pro-controller is it has an excellent battery life, and you can charge it using a USB-C port. It is the best when it comes to intense multiplayer gaming sessions.

One of the setbacks of Joy-con controllers is their small size.  Therefore it is not suitable for serious gamers. When you detach the joy-con controllers, they will weigh the same weight as feathers. The Pro controllers are heavier than the joy-con controllers and have a better grip. It might get uncomfortable holding the joy-con controller after long stretches.

The pro controllers have double the battery life of the joy-con controllers. Therefore, it is more suitable for players who lie long gaming sessions. The Joy-con controller lacks a lot of the benefits that the pro controller has. No controller can match the design of pro controllers. It has a higher-quality gamepad that offers comfort and a perfect button design for better performance.

One of the reasons that have made people choose pro controllers over joy-con is the drift issues. The drift issues can occur in both controllers, but it is more rampant on joy-con controllers. The drifting issue involves the switch receiving signals telling it to move an on-screen character without touching the joy-cons. Therefore it makes it frustrating to use joy-con controllers for gaming sessions. Thus, most people opt to use a pro controller because this issue rarely happens when you use the pro controller.

Nintendo Switch Vs. Nintendo Switch Lite

Do you want to have the flexibility and the ability to play games on your TV? If you do, both the Nintendo switch and switch lite will provide you with the best experience. The two have fantastic features that will guarantee you to be worth your money and time. Most people always get caught in the dilemma of which console they should choose between the two. Here are the differences between the two to help you know which one suits your best.


When it comes to pricing, the Nintendo Switch is more expensive than the Nintendo Switch lite. The Nintendo Switch costs $300, and it will come with a tablet-like system, two joy-con controllers, and a dock. On the other hand, it will cost you $200, and it will come with its in-built controls.

Screen Size

It is hard to differentiate between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo switch lite screens because they are nearly identical. However, they differ in screen size.  The Nintendo Switch has a bigger screen than the Nintendo Switch lite. The Nintendo’s screen size is 6.2-inch LCD while that of switch lite is 5.5-inch LCD.

Battery Life

The games you play can influence how long your battery can last. The original Nintendo switch battery can last 2.5 to 6.5 hours between charges. However, a new switch model with a bigger battery can last 4.5 to 9 hours.

The new Nintendo switch model is HAC-001( -01). Switch lite is in between the two versions of the Nintendo switch.  Its battery can, therefore, last 3 to 7 hours.

The Switch Difference

The Nintendo Switch has a design to flip between home console and gaming handheld with ease. You can plug it into its dock to display it on your TV. Moreover, you can remove it from the dock and use it as a standalone portable game system. On the other hand, the switch lite does not switch. It lacks a TV output and functions as a gaming handheld.

How Can You Reconnect Your Controllers After Waking Your Switch From Sleep Mode?

You can awake your switch from sleep mode by pressing the power button on the console’s top-left edge. You will reconnect your controller by pressing any control in your controller. You will see a slight rumble confirming that the connection is successful.

How Can You Disconnect Your Controllers From A Nintendo Switch?

Once you finish playing, you can disconnect your controller from the switch. Performing this task is simple. You will press the small black button to turn the controller off and hence disconnecting it.


The gaming industry has surpassed many other industries. Most people now have an interest in gaming. Nintendo recognized this and developed the switch and switch lite to give players the best gaming experience.

The good thing is you can connect up to eight controllers on your switch. If you are a serious gamer and compete in intense competitions, you will need a pro controller. The above differences between Nintendo switch and Nintendo switch lite will help you choose the one that fits you best.

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