How Much Is My PC Worth: Valuating The PC 

how much is my pc worth

The question is always asked by individuals who want to sell their PC. Not knowing the exact value of your PC will always confuse you when you want to sell your PC. 

However, not every person who wants to know the worth of their PC wants to sell it. There is a lot for personal reasons. 

Knowing the worth of your PC is a great thing and can come in handy in case of anything. In recent years technology has been evolving so rapidly. 

The computer is among the products that depreciate too quickly. It is estimated that computes value decreases by 10% yearly. 

You are considering the factor you need always to know the price of your PC each year. So let’s find out. 

How Much Is My PC Worth 

The PC usually comes from the manufacturer with certain specifications. Mostly, the workstations are always custom ordered. There are many ways to find the worth of your PC. 

However, the simplest is entering the service tag or code into your specific manufacturer’s support portal. You will be able to get the shipping specification of your particular build. 

How To Valuate Your PC

Valuating your PC is a simple thing to do. But first, you need to decide whether you will only sell the parts or the entire PC. Either way, both have their benefits and disadvantages.

Evaluating The Entire PC 

When you decide to sell the entire PC, you can start with high expectations. It’s because you will be able to sell the unit after a few deals. 

This is because most people, especially first-time PC owners, prefer buying the entire computer. The first time 

PC users prefer such because they do not have the knowledge and skills to disassemble the PC and upgrade the parts. At the same time, others need the assembled PC that can perform the small tasks. 

To evaluate the entire PC, you need to consider the amount and time it has been in use. The buyer will also need to know whether it’s a work PC, gaming PC, or cryptocurrency mining PC. 

The answer you give them will help them have a rough idea of how much it has been in use. The PC brand is also another vital factor that influences its value. 

Plus, some people usually trust some brands more than others. If they find out that it’s their favorite brand, they will be more willing to purchase it. 

However, when selling the PC as an entire piece, you need to consider some factors. For example, shipping can be pretty tricky and expensive when the computer is heavy. 

This will indeed have an immense impact on your profits. The very best way to sell an entire computer is by selling it locally. 

You can have them pick the PC from your place or deliver it when running an errand in the buyer’s neighborhood. This will not eat deeply into your profits. 

Evaluating The PC Parts 

The other practical way of evaluating your PC is through its specific parts. Some sure buyers usually have an interest in particular PC parts. 

The great thing is that selling specific PC parts can be a very lucrative thing. It’s because some PC parts are more expensive than the whole PC. 

To sell the parts, you have to be aware of the value estimate of the used version. Shipping is also relatively easy when it comes to PC parts. 

It’s because the parts are usually light thus cheap to ship. If you decide to sell the PC parts, then you need to evaluate specific parts. Let’s look at some of the essential parts that need evaluation. 


It’s actually among an essential part of your PC that you need to evaluate. Each buyer has their own needs. They will want to know if the CPU is powerful enough to run the software they have efficiently. 

Checking your CPU type is very straightforward. Open your PC start menu. You then go to the search field and key in “about.”  The search result will bring you “About my PC.” 

You click on this option, and you will see the basic specifications of your PC. To find out more about your PC, look at the “Processor.” 

What you see under this is the name of your CPU. You can find more about the price of your specific CPU from different sites. Averagely the price of the CPU is $100 to $150. 

The CPUs in this price range can perfectly handle low-resolution processes and non-demanding games. CPUs that are more advanced usually retail at $200 to $300. 

The CPUs in this range are ideal for casual gamers. The CPUs for professional gamers are pricy. They cost around $1,000. The PCs in this price range are high-end PCs, and they offer the best performance.

CPU Socket

Knowing the type of CPU socket is also easy. It depends on the company from which the CPU comes. So, if it’s an Intel CPU, you will have to go to the Intel website. 

On the website, you should go to the page “Intel Product Specification.” While on this page, you need to type in the CPU name. You would have the name if you did evaluate the CPU. 

The page will load, and then you scroll down to the “Package specification.” It’s not hard in any way, and while at the section, you will see “Sockets Supported.” 

The name next to it is the part name, and it informs you about your specific CPU socket. If your CPU is from AMD, you follow the same steps. 


The GPU is actually among the most expensive PC components. To be sure about its value, you need to know its type. 

The primary role of the GPU is to determine the resolutions your PC offers. Plus, it’s responsible for the graphics that your PC offers. 

For gamers, it’s essential to have a potent GPU. It’s because games are entirely about graphics. 

To find out about your GPU, you will have to follow the same process you did to know about your CPU. You need to access the “system information” and then “components.” You then open “components” and go to “display.” 

Here you will see a lot of information about the parts and settings of your PC. To know more about your CPU, you have to go to “Adapter Description.”

You need to know that the prices of the GPUs do differ immensely. Plus, the GPU is the part that depreciates a lot. The manufacturers are constantly making new CPUs, so they become obsolete so quickly. 

To conclude on evaluating the parts of the PC, there are many components that you need to evaluate. Above are some of the essential parts. 

However, there are other PC parts that you need to evaluate. These parts include the RAM, driver, storage, CPU cooler, and motherboard. 

Reasons Why PC Want To Know the PC Worth

To Know If The PC is Worth Selling

Most people do always want to find out the worth of their PC too because they want to sell it. Knowing the worth of your PC will help you to price your PC correctly in the market. You won’t worry about overpricing or underpricing. 

To Carryout Upgrades 

It’s the best way to know if your PC is worth upgrading anyway or if you should buy a new set of PC. Upgrading the PC usually comes with issues like incompatibility. 

For example, some parts might be so powerful and need more power than the average PC power. Plus, the new components come with new requirements. 

You might have to upgrade other parts too, like the cooling system. Therefore after evaluating and you find out that upgrading is way more expensive. You can consider buying a new set of PC. 

To Insure The PC

Another reason people want to know about the value of their PC is that they want to insure it. The purchasing insurance protects the PC from potential harm. 

Today there are many high-end PCs, and they have costly features. You can only have a piece of mind by ensuring such a PC. 

What Is the Right Time to Sell Your PC?

First, it’s great to sell your PC or the components when you are not using it as soon as possible. You should only keep it if you are sure that the price of the computer or its components will increase with time. 

That’s maybe due to a potential shortage. Even when you hold it, you should release it immediately you notice the shortage or rise in price. 

It’s because, at times, holding onto an investment for long can become unprofitable. You won’t know how soon the shortage will last. 


The laptops usually have a good resale value. It’s because there is an inherent consistency in the product when it comes to the laptop line. 

However, the desktop resale value of desktops does value. The price of the computer depends on customizations done to it and the quality of the components used in customization. 

The value of any used PC will always fluctuate as years go by. If you intend to sell your PC, you need to be keen on opportunities. In case you get a good deal, don’t let go of it. 

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