How To Activate Straight Talk Iphone 5s?

Straight Talk is a cheaper cell phone service provider, and is one of the leading MVNOs that offers great value for money. Their services are available in more than 100 countries, and provide a wide range of handsets including iPhones 5S and 5C.
They offer cheap cell phone plans with unlimited talk and text, as well as tons of international calling options, and even free shipping over $50.

If you’re looking for an affordable cell phone plan without any contract, this is definitely the service to go with.
Activating your iPhone 5S or 5C through Straight Talk takes just a couple of minutes, so you can be up and running in no time. When you sign up for Straight Talk, you’ll be given a SIM card that you can activate on your iPhone directly.

From here, you’ll simply follow the instructions provided by Straight Talk to configure your phone settings and set up your account. Everything will be done automatically – all you have to do is make sure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi when it’s time to activate your plan.

How To Get 4g Lte On Straight Talk On Apple Iphone 5s (carrier Locked)

4G LTE is the latest and fastest cellular standard for mobile data connectivity. It offers download speeds up to 20 times faster than 3G, and upload speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. It’s not just faster; it’s more reliable as well.

It will connect faster, maintain a constant connection longer, and is less likely to drop calls.
There are a few ways you can get 4G LTE on your iPhone 5s (carrier locked). First, you can get it through an unlocked iPhone 5s from Apple (pre-order or purchase from an Apple Store).

Second, you can buy a compatible SIM card from your carrier and insert it into your phone. Third, you can buy an LTE network extender that allows you to plug your phone into an Ethernet jack and connect it to a router, which will provide 4G LTE access to the Internet. Finally, if none of these options works for you, you may have to wait until new 4G LTE networks are built in your area.

Regardless of how you get 4G LTE on your iPhone 5s (carrier locked), one thing is certain: by upgrading to Straight Talk’s 4G LTE plan with unlimited talk, text and data, you’ll be able to enjoy fast speeds that are ideal for downloading movies, streaming music and playing games online.

Straight Talk Iphone 5s Unboxing And Initial Setup

Today we are going to show you how to set up and unbox your brand new iPhone 5s. This is a great guide for those of you who are new to smartphones and want to know everything that you need to know before you start using it. We will also help you take care of your new phone by showing you all of the things that you should keep in mind when setting it up.

So let’s get started!
You first of all need to find out if your phone works with the network that you want to use. To do this, go into Settings > General > About > Network, and make sure that the signal bars on the lower right hand side of the screen are solid red.

If they are not, then your network is incompatible.
If your phone does work on the network that you want to use, then we recommend having it unlocked so that you can use it with any carrier. Otherwise, your phone will only work with one carrier at a time.

Once your phone is unlocked, setup should be pretty straightforward. Just follow our step-by-step guide below:
Set up your iPhone 5s with a current iTunes account (same as what was used for installing iOS). You do not have to connect a credit card or Apple ID yet; this will happen automatically during setup.

Can I Use My Iphone 5s On Straight Talk?

Straight Talk is a low-cost carrier that uses the Verizon network. Straight Talk offers unlimited talk and text with no data caps on their plans. You can also add a phone to your account for free, but you will be charged $30 per month for line access charges.

You can change or cancel your plan at any time as long as you have unused funds on your account.
The iPhone 5s works very well on Straight Talk. It’s not compatible with all Verizon towers, and has a limited radio range, but if you can get your iPhone on the network, it’s rock-solid performance there.

For more information about this carrier and how to sign up, check out our guide link>.

Can An Iphone 5s Be Activated?

iPhone 5s is a great phone, however this phone has a major limitation: it can only be activated on an AT&T or Verizon network. If you want to activate a Verizon-specific iPhone 5s, then you will need to contact Verizon directly.
Another thing to note is that iPhones purchased from Apple itself will still only work with AT&T and Verizon, even if they are unlocked.

This means that if you buy an unlocked iPhone from another carrier, you’ll have to go through Apple again in order to activate it.
If you’re looking for an unactivated Verizon iPhone 5s, then there are those who sell them online. The process for buying one of these phones isn’t difficult at all; however, take care when shopping because scammers try to prey on buyers.

It’s always best to do your due diligence and make sure the seller is legitimate before making any purchases.

Can You Use An Old Iphone With Straight Talk?

Yes. For the most part, any phone that works with a GSM network will work with straight talk. Straight talk uses GSM technology, and so phones that work on GSM networks will work with straight talk.

However, some older phones that run on CDMA networks may not be compatible with straight talk. Check your old phone to see if it’s a CDMA or GSM phone. If it’s a CDMA phone, you need to buy a new freedom plan if you want to use it with straight talk.

As long as your old phone is compatible with GSM networks and works with the carrier, then it can be used with your new Freedom plan device. So don’t worry about it!

How Do You Activate A Straight Talk Sim Card?

  1. It prevents fraud (SIM swapping).
  2. It prevents unauthorized activation for people without phones since only people who have phones are able to activate them in the first place.
  3. It makes things easier for their customer support team who can now verify phone numbers directly from the phone itself rather than having to call up everyone who has activated a number and verify manually that they are who they say they are with personal information such as SSN and address/email address where they can be reached.

How Do I Fix My Iphone Is Not Activated My Carrier?

The first thing to do if you have an iPhone that’s not activated by your carrier is contact them. There are a few reasons why this could happen, and it’s important to get it resolved as quickly as possible.
You should call your carrier right away and start the activation process.

This will get your phone connected with their network, giving you access to all of their services.
You should also check to make sure that you have the latest version of iOS on your phone. The iOS update fixes some bugs and issues that can prevent activation from working properly.

If you don’t have the latest version, go ahead and download it so that you can activate your phone properly.

When I Put My Sim In My Iphone It Says Activation Required?

If your iPhone says activation required, it means that you need to activate a new SIM card in order to use the device. This can be done by inserting the SIM card into another phone or computer, and then signing into your account on

If you have multiple devices, you will need to sign in with each one separately.
Some phones may ask for you to enter a number that is used as a PIN when requested. If this happens, please go ahead and do so so that you can proceed with the activation process.

If your phone is stolen or lost and the SIM card has been removed, don’t worry – it can be activated from even if it’s not in the same phone. All that needs to be done is for you to sign into your iCloud account and then activate the new SIM card through there.

How Do I Activate My Iphone 5s Without A Sim Card?

The iPhone 5s has a chip built right into the phone that’s designed to work with any carrier. This is called an “unlocked” model and as long as it isn’t locked to a carrier in any way, it will work with any carrier.
There are several ways to activate your iPhone without a SIM card:
Use an existing phone number (if you have one) and call Apple Support.

Use a new iCloud account email address and set up an Apple ID via the Settings app. If you don’t have an existing phone number, create a new one on your iPhone using Siri or the Contacts app.
If you don’t have either, use Family Sharing to share your iTunes purchases with your family members’ devices, then activate them all at once.

You’ll receive push notifications when they’re ready for use.

Will My Iphone 5s Still Work In 2021?

When your iPhone 5s was activated, it was assigned a unique IMEI number. This number is used to identify your iPhone when you activate it. In 2021, your iPhone 5s may still have this number and may still be working.

However, this number is not tied to a specific carrier account, so if you want to use it with another carrier, you will need to change the phone number. To do this, access Settings > Phone > Change Number.
While your iPhone 5s is still working in 2021, you will need to connect it to your computer using a USB cable in order to access the file system and perform certain tasks like restoring from an earlier backup.

If you don’t want to connect the phone to a computer or laptop every time you need to do work on the device, consider opting for a model that supports Wi-Fi Calling or FaceTime over Cellular.
If your phone is still functional in 2021, there’s no reason why it should not work with any other carrier in 2021.

How Can I Activate My Iphone 5s Without Apple Id?

  1. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to your computer and running iTunes.
  2. In iTunes, select your iPhone 5s and click “iTunes Store” in the upper left corner of the window.
  3. Click “Sign In” next to the Apple ID field. If you don’t have an Apple ID yet, enter your email address, password and first name in the fields provided. The verification code from this step will be used during the final activation process to verify ownership of the phone.
  4. Enter your personal details again in the final screen of the activation process and click “Continue” or “Activate” (or whatever button is labeled).
  5. You should now see a confirmation screen showing that your iPhone has been activated successfully. You can close out of iTunes and disconnect your iPhone from your computer at this point. Your phone is now ready for use!

To finish the activation process, you will need to complete these steps:

How Can I Activate My Iphone Without Itunes?

There are several ways to activate your iPhone without using iTunes. One way to do this is by connecting your iPhone to your computer through the Lightning cable that came with it. Once you have done so, then you will be able to see the activation screen on your iPhone.

The other method is by using a third-party app like Activator or AnyTrans to do the same thing.
If you are trying to activate your iPhone for the first time, then it is recommended that you use iTunes to do it as this will ensure that you have an up-to-date copy of iOS installed on your phone. However, if you are trying to re-activate your device after a recent factory reset or restore, then it is okay to skip this step and just use Activator/AnyTrans instead.

How Do I Activate My New Iphone And Deactivate My Old One?

There are two ways to deactivate an old iPhone and activate a new one. The first way is to set up your new device and then delete your old one from the Find My iPhone app. When you do this, your old phone will be marked as lost or stolen, which makes it much harder for others to use it.

If you find your old phone, you can deactivate it and restore your data so that it appears as if it never existed. You can also erase the phone completely and keep the SIM card for future use. The second way is to physically remove the SIM card from your old phone and put it into your new device.

Once you’ve activated your new iPhone, you can then delete your old one from the Find My iPhone app.
While these two options are both effective, they both require some effort on your part. It’s important to remember that if someone steals your old phone and activates it as their own, they could be able to access all of the personal information on that device – including any data stored in iCloud.

How Can I Activate My Iphone 5?

You can activate an iPhone 5 by going to Settings > General > Device Management. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password, after which you’ll see a message that says “Activation is complete.”
There are also several third-party apps that will do it for you.

For example, Activator is one of the most popular. It can be used to automatically launch apps and perform certain functions on your phone. Another app is AutoKey, which is similar to Activator and offers more options.

This includes being able to create custom shortcuts and macros that automate tasks on your device. If you use any of these apps, it’s best to back up your iPhone first before starting the activation process.

What Is An Iphone 5s Worth?

The iPhone 5s is the first new generation of Apple’s popular smartphone since 2013. It has a faster processor and improved camera and features. As a result, the iPhone 5s is more expensive than the previous generation.

However, it is still affordable for most people.
There are many factors that determine how much an iPhone 5s is worth including:
What color it is.
The condition of the phone.

What accessories you have for it.
Where you are located.
If you want to know more about what an iPhone 5s is worth, or how to calculate its value, we recommend visiting our iPhone valuation guide.

To learn more about what your iPhone 5s could be worth, check out our blog post on how to estimate the value of an old smartphone.

Is Apple Shutting Down Iphone 5?

Apple has also been facing some supply problems with iPhone 5. The company is not able to produce the phones as fast as people are purchasing them. As a result, the device’s price has increased significantly since Apple started offering pre-orders.

The good news is that Apple has the ability to make more iPhones. However, the company is delaying production in order to keep up with demand. It is not clear when or if Apple will be able to produce enough iPhones to satisfy demand.

If this does turn out to be a problem for Apple, it could lead the company to start selling older models like iPhone 4S.

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