How To Attach A Screenshot

To share your image on WhatsApp, you need to take the first step by downloading the Quora app from Google Play market.Open your WhatsApp and you will see three lines in the corner of your screen.Select the three lines and click on the share button.From there select WhatsApp and then click on the share button.

How do you take a screenshot and attach it?

On iOS, you press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, and on Android you hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons together.

How do I attach a screenshot to an email?

There are a few ways to attach screenshots to emails. You can click on the “Prt Sc” button on your keyboard or click the “Print Screen” button on your mouse.Select a time in the future. You can select a time in the past using the time icon that will show the time.

How do I copy and paste a screenshot?

If you want to copy and paste a screenshot of your PC screen, press the “Ctrl” and “Shift” buttons at the same time and then press the “Print Screen” button. This will copy the entire screen to your clipboard.

How do you send a screenshot on a computer?

One way to send screenshots is to use “Screen Capture” on Windows or “Capture” on Mac.

How do you save a screenshot as a picture?

On a computer, you can use the “Print Screen” button to take a screenshot of the entire screen. For the window that you want to take screenshot of, you can either press “Alt” and “Print Screen” or the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. After that, use the program Paint or some other image editor and paste the screenshot to the program. You can then save the image as a JPEG or other file format.

How do I copy and paste a screenshot on my HP laptop?

You can capture a screenshot of an application, or the screen itself with two different methods. One is to use the Print Screen button on your keyboard. The second is to use a program that captures screenshots of whatever you want.

How do you screenshot on a Windows laptop?

To screenshot on a Mac laptop, press the “Command+Shift+3” key on your keyboard. This will save the screenshot to the clipboard. You can then open a photo editor like iPhoto and paste the screenshot into the program.

How do I save a screenshot as a JPG?

To save a screenshot as a JPG file use “Print Screen” on your keyboard to copy the image of your screen to your clipboard. Open a photo editor like Photoshop or Paint and paste the image into the program. Save the image as a JPG file.

How do I do a screenshot from my laptop?

There are 3 methods to screenshot on a windows. One is to use the “Print Screen” key. It will take you screen and save it to your clipboard. Then it will be saved on the clipboard. Another way to screenshot is to download the “Snipping Tool”. This tool allows you to select a specific area to screenshot. The last way is to take a screenshot directly from your browser.

Where is a screenshot saved?

The screenshot file is stored in a folder that is named after the person who took it.

Where do my Screenshots go on laptop?

The “Pictures” folder is the default folder where images are saved. On OSX, it used to be saved in the “Desktop” folder.

How do you capture a screenshot on Android?

There are a few ways to take a screen shot on Android. One way is to hold down the power and volume down buttons together. Another way is to use a Screenshot app like Screenshot Easy.

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