How To Backup Your Whatsapp And Telegram Data?

You can backup your encrypted WhatsApp and Telegram data in a cloud storage service like Google Drive or iCloud.

How do I backup WhatsApp and Telegram?

When using WhatsApp or Telegram make sure to keep a regular back up of your messages. You can access this backup by going to the main app menu and pressing the three lines in the top right corner of your screen.

How can I backup my Telegram data?

Besides copying and pasting your chats and files on a cloud service, you can also backup your chat history and files on a separate device by downloading Telegram for Android.

Can I backup my Telegram chats?

Telegram has added an option to backup chats. Now, you can save any conversation.

How can I transfer my Telegram chat history to new phone?

The process of transferring your Telegram chat history from a previous phone to another phone will vary depending on the phone you’re using and the version of Telegram that you are using.

How can I access Telegram cloud?

For setting Telegram on your smartphone, go to the app and open it by tapping on the three lines in the top left corner. Then select Settings. On General Settings page, toggle on Cloud.

How can I transfer WhatsApp chat history?

WhatsApp is a social media app that keeps a record of all the messages that have been sent and received on your account. You can access this chat history by going to settings > account > history.

How can I save Telegram chat on my phone?

If you want to save chats as individuals, you can select the contacts you want to save the dialog as an individual chat. If you want to save chats as a group, you can tap on the chat group.

How do I backup and restore Telegram messages on Android?

Backup your Telegram messages by creating a Telegram backup file. You can restore your messages even if your phone breaks down or gets lost by choosing “Settings” from the three lines in the top left corner. And then choose “Backup & Restore” and “Create Backup” to start the process.

How do I backup my WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an important messaging app that is used by over one billion people around the world. It is important to have a backup of WhatsApp so that you can restore WhatsApp data and contacts.

What is Telegram cloud?

Telegram now gives you the ability to share your messages and files with other devices so that other people can view and download them.

Where are Telegram files saved?

Telegram has a hidden folder where all information is stored.

How can I recover my lost Telegram account?

If you have forgotten your Telegram account password, first try to reset it by going to and then clicking the ‘Forgot account password’ link.

How can I recover WhatsApp deleted messages?

It doesn’t matter. WhatsApp has deleted all your chats. There is no way to restore them. Your WhatsApp account has been deleted forever.

Do I need to backup Telegram chat?

Telegram messaging is a cloud based instant messaging. We don’t need to back up our chats as it’s a cloud based application.

How can I redownload media from Telegram cloud?

Open Telegram, sign in, and on the main screen tap on the three lines in the top left corner. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner, and select the media you want to download.

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