How To Change Chat Theme In Whatsapp?

If you want to change the chat theme in WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats > Theme.

How do I change my chat bubble color on WhatsApp 2020?

To change your chat bubble color on WhatsApp, open the app and go to Settings > Chats > Bubble Color. From here, you can select the color you want for your chat bubbles.

How do you change the chat color on WhatsApp?

To change the color of your chat bubbles, go to settings and click on chats. From here, go to bubbles and choose your color.

How do I make WhatsApp text blue?

To check your WhatsApp messages for blue text, first type your message and then tap on the “Aa” icon. Tap on the “Font” option and then select the “Blue” font.

How can I change my pink WhatsApp theme?

To change your WhatsApp theme, open the app – Settings – Chat settings. From there, you can select from a range of different themes, or create your own by choosing the option ‘Custom’.

How can I customize my WhatsApp?

If you want to make WhatsApp text blue, you can either use the built-in text formatting options or you can use a third-party app. On WhatsApp, to make text blue, tap on the “Aa” icon, then tap on the “Font” option and then select the “Blue” font.

How do I change my WhatsApp to purple?

To switch from white text to purple, first open WhatsApp on your mobile device. Then go and open the app’s settings and select “appearance.” From there, go to the theme tab and choose purple.

What is pink WhatsApp?

Pink WhatsApp is just a version of WhatsApp with a pink color scheme and has a girls-only chat room.

What is bomb in WhatsApp?

A bomb is an app that allows you to send a message that will be deleted after a set amount of time. A message sent via this app can also be harmful.

Is WhatsApp Pink virus?

WhatsApp said that “Pink” is a scam. It is designed to trick people into downloading a fake version of the app, which steals their personal information.

Is WhatsApp Pink safe?

WhatsApp introduced a new feature called “WhatsApp Pink” that is an unofficial app made by a third party. While it is safe to use, we cannot guarantee that it is. We recommend only using official WhatsApp features and staying away from unofficial apps.

How do I turn off pink on WhatsApp?

To switch to dark mode and remove the pink WhatsApp logo, go to Settings > Theme and uncheck the Pink box.

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