How To Chat With Your Best Friend On Whatsapp?

To chat with your friend in WhatsApp: open the app and tap on the chat box in the bottom-left corner. Tap on the contact you want to chat with, and type your message in the text box at the bottom of the screen. When you’re finished typing, press the blue arrow button in the bottom-right corner to send your message.

How do you start a conversation with your best friend on WhatsApp?


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What can you chat with your best friend?

Your best friend can be there for you when you need someone to talk to, especially when you are going through hard times. It is also a friend who you can trust.

What can I chat with my friends on WhatsApp?

You can chat with your friends on WhatsApp about things on your mind, share photos, videos, and other media with them and even make voice and video calls with them.

How do you chat with good friends?

There are various ways to talk to good friends. You can talk on the phone, send text messages or use an app to chat with them.

How do I make my best friend happy over text?

The most effective strategy for making her friends and loved ones happy over text is to not let their happiness get to you. If they seem unhappy, the best thing to do is to remain supportive, and be yourself.

How do I text my friend’s friend?

If you want to text your friend’s friend, you can ask your friend for their number, or look them up on social mediums like Instagram or Snapchat. Once you have their number or profile, you can start messaging them just like you would message any other person.

How can I chat with my friends online?

Use a chat client like Skype to chat with your friends on the internet.
Use a messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to send messages to your friends on the internet.

What is the best topic for chatting?

For some people, it’s very hard to engage in conversation simply because they can’t think of anything to say. If you find yourself stuck for conversation, then you might try to think of something to say or do to start the conversation. However, if you happen to think of something that isn’t interesting or is a bit boring, you should try to avoid it. A good topic for conversation is one that both you and your conversation partner are interested in.

What to do with your best friend when you’re bored?

If you’re bored with your best friend, you can do lots of different things together. For instance, you can watch a movie, go for a walk, or play a game together. You can also talk or read. If you do something fun, you’ll have fun!

WhatsApp text tricks?

There are also a few ways to create a bold or italic text effect on WhatsApp, for example, using the asterisk and underscore symbols.

How do you chat properly?

You should try to be respectful and considerate. Don’t try to make me read a long book. Keep it short and simple. Also, don’t use too many words, or try to talk about “something”, because that can make you and the other person not want to keep chatting.

How do you start a conversation question?

How to start a conversation question is not easy to answer. A good approach is to be specific and ask for advice. For example, you could say, “I’m thinking of starting a business. What do you think?” or “I’m trying to decide what to wear to my friend’s wedding. What do you think?”.

How do I talk to my girl best friend?

There’s no one way to talk to your girl best friend. Every relationship is different. However, some tips on how to communicate effectively with your girl friend include being open, honest, and communicative; being respectful of her privacy and to avoid crossing any boundaries; and being yourself and letting your friendship flow naturally.

How do you make a girl bestie?

Making a girl your best friend may be a bit difficult, but it’s well worth the trouble. After all,
making a real best friend is much better than being a fake one. Be sure to make her feel like a part of your inner circle; this will help you make her your best friend.

What best friends do together?

Best friends do everything together. They have similar tastes and are always there for each other. They also know each other’s secrets, and support each other through thick and thin.

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