How To Comment On Whatsapp Dp?

when you type a comment on the chat box in Whatsapp it appears in the chat box of other users, you can use this to let them know you are sending them a private message.

How do you compliment a DP?

The best way to compliment a director of photography is to express your sincere admiration and appreciation for all of the work they do. Directing a production is a long and arduous process, and the director of photography is the crucial link between the camera and the audience. If you thank them for their efforts and ask how they feel about the final product, you can be sure that it will go a long way.

What can I say instead of nice DP?

Well, I’ve got a nice work, but you’ve got a nice work.

And you can also say “Nice work”.

How do you comment on a picture?

To comment on a picture, you can either post a comment on the picture itself, or comment on the person who is posting the photo. To comment on the picture, just click “comments” on the bottom right of the picture, and type in your comment. You can also comment on the person’s profile, by going to their profile, and clicking “comments” under their photo.

How do I comment on her picture?

There are times when it’s appropriate to comment on a girl’s picture, but it should be done with a compliment. Avoid being too cheesy or over-the-top, and make sure your compliment is genuine.

How do you say good picture?

In French, the phrase for “good picture” is “bonne photo”.

How do you compliment a beautiful picture?

I like the colors so much! The brushstrokes are very interesting to me!

How do you comment?

Commenting on a post can be a really good way to get feedback as to whether your comments are being understood by the author. It can also be a good way to answer other questions that come up when someone replies to the post.

How can I compliment a girl on Whatsapp DP?

Women always appreciate genuine compliments. It is always best to compliment them on their appearance or other characteristics, rather than how they are when you are not looking at them. You could say she has beautiful eyes, or that her smile and body are amazing. You could also tell him that she has great taste in photos. Whatever you say, make sure that you say it sincerely.

How do I compliment her?

A quick compliment like “Your dress is beautiful” or “Your smile is beautiful” are generic compliments that don’t say a whole lot. If you’re trying to pick up a girl, you should also be careful about insulting her. You should only be insulting her if you want to know more about her and then you could be insulting her for the specific reason that you found her attractive.

How do you compliment a girl?

A compliment shows appreciation for someone. When complimenting a girl, be specific about the things you like about her. For example, instead of saying “I love your dress,” say “I love the color of your dress,” or “I love the style you put the dress in.” Compliments show someone that you consider them to be a significant person, so do them frequently.

What is a good comment?

A good comment is one that is thoughtful, constructive, and adds to the conversation. It should not simply say “nice post” or “I agree,” but add something else instead.

How do you write a nice comment?

Try to find something you genuinely appreciate about the author’s work and mention it. For example, you might say “You have done a great job at writing this series,” or “I love the way you captured the characters’ emotions in this scene.”Another way to write a nice comment is to be encouraging.

What is a written comment?

A comment is a written statement that either is written down, or is read out loud. Comments can be used to provide feedback or to offer an opinion.

How do you compliment?

You can use other compliments by saying “You’re looking very nice” or “You’re attractive.

How do you comment on a post?

To comment on the thread, click on the “Reply” link to reply to a post. This will open a text box where you can type your comment. When you’re finished typing your comment, click on the “Post Comment” button.

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