How To Crack A Satellite Receiver For Paid Channels – Satellite Cracking Tips And Ideas

How To Crack A Satellite Receiver For Paid Channels

Scrambling and conditional access to some paid satellite content are used to bar people from such content. The unpaid satellite channels are often encoded until you pay for such. While hacking and other steps toward illegal hacking of satellite channels are discouraged, it can be essential sometimes if you can’t afford the subscription. There are several ways to go about the decryption of a paid satellite receiver that has been scrambled, and the following seems to be more straightforward options;

So, How Can I Crack a Satellite Receiver for Paid Channels?

You can crack a satellite receiver for paid channels with the aid of a network card and emulator.

How To Crack Satellite Receiver For Paid Channels

As mentioned above, you will need a network card alongside an emulator. This process starts with the actual payment of the satellite receiver service provider via the internet, and then you can switch to a dedicated media player to view the encrypted satellite receiver. Pay attention to the emulator in the device model because without this emulator, and you cant even discover the encrypted paid channels.

If the emulator is not available, you can flash it by downloading the latest version of the program and then updating the player with a removable device. The sequence to setting this device up may vary from one manufacturer to another. You should pay attention to those receivers that provide access to cable TV. If the receivers come with shared internet, you can connect the internet service via a Local Area Network setup with a special in-built card.

You can continue viewing the paid channels even after your subscription is finished as long as the network card is inside the cable connected to your Local Area internet network.

How To Use FTA Satellite Receiver For Connect To Paid Satellite Channels

The FTA satellite receivers, also known as free-to-air receivers, can receive unscrambled channels from an attached satellite dish. This means you need to attach it to a paid channel even though the FTA receiver itself is free. With this connection, you will receive the same signals from channels paid for, even though FTA receivers are different from Pay-to-Use services like DirectTV.

To obtain the paid channels, you need to hack or reprogram the FTA server. The FTA satellite receiver website can provide you with the codes needed for the re-programing of the premium paid satellite stations.

The FTA satellites will receive unscrambled channels from anywhere in the world and not just your local channels. Hacking the GTA receiver is entirely legal, making it different from the first solution explained above. Half of this cracking job is completed since the satellite receiver website will provide you with the necessary codes.

Cracking Scrambled Channels Via The FTA Satellite Receivers

The first step you should take is to look through the FTA receiver manual, where you will find the brand of the receiver and the model number. You will need these two pieces of information for the next steps. The reason is that it is the job of the digital receiver to receive pr accept the FTA satellite signals.

The second step is to open an internet browser and navigate the FTA satellite receiver’s manufacturer website. Once you get to the site, select the model receiver that you are currently receiving.

Click on the download link placed next to the most recent FTA file link- this link is usually listed at the top of all the available links alongside their release dates. 

Right-click on the download file and choose “Extract”- You have to extract because the files are available in a zip format. This step will load the extraction application onto your computer, then follow the prompts to unzip the extracted contents from the downloaded file.

The next step is to open the internet browser- The Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 8 are generally recommended for this purpose. Go to the FTA satellite receiver’s manufacturer website. Follow the necessary prompts to unzip the file you have downloaded earlier.

Plugin your USB flash drive into the USB port of your computer, then click on “Start,” then click on “Computer,” then double-click on the flash drive icon at the bottom of the screen. Once the new windows open, drag and drop the extracted files into the newly opened window. Close the window before you safely remove the USB stick from the drive. Make sure all the files are copied onto your flash drive before removing them.

Power the FTA receiver down before plugging the flash drive into its USB drive. The USB drive is located close to the rear of the receiver. Turn on the device, and the FTA data copied into the flash drive must be uploaded unto the receiver. The programming codes are the necessary things you will need to hack the server where you can receive the paid channels.

To complete the steps, follow the prompts from the receiver and make sure the codes are copied into the right places. You may have to turn off the receiver once the procedure is completed and then power it on again to start watching the scrambled paid channels.

Reasons Why Hacking Satellite Receiver For Paid Channels Can Be Very Simple

Despite satellite TV service providers taking hacking more seriously than ever before, the issue has persisted. The reason is that the designer of these satellite receivers never envisioned that people would learn to crack them someday. Today, the range of vulnerabilities of satellite decoders is quite astonishing, and attackers can access some satellites via the telescope, for instance, and then destroy some sensitive optics. There seem to be more satellites in orbit than ever before, and many of them still use the basic security options that can be bypassed by hackers.

It has also been observed that the GPS authentication system used by some satellite owners can be bypassed by regular crackers.

Can You Get Free Satellite TV?

The answer to this question is a Yes! There is a free-to-air FTA version of satellite TV you can access, depending on your location and type of subscription.

The FTA broadcasts thousands of channels via satellites to consumers from all over the world. Fortunately, the FTA signals are not encrypted, all you need to do is buy the right equipment, and you don’t need any decoder or pay any subscription fees once you start using it. Keep in mind that some service providers may request the subscription fee for a limited amount of time before you begin to enjoy this free service.

Also, keep in mind that all FTA satellite content viewing is legal; hence you don’t have to be worried about being arrested. FTA broadcasters are government-sponsored agents, and they include public TV service providers like PBS in the United States. They don’t run on-air commercials like the traditional privately-owned satellite TV service providers.

The government believes the use of FTA satellite channels can be the best way to each their audiences worldwide. Fortunately, FTA channels are not restricted to government news only, and you can find varieties of channels, including sports, religious, news, and ethnic content channels. You may not get the regular channels like HBO, CNN, and FOX News here, but you can find alternatives.

Expatriates who travel to far countries often rely on FTA channels to keep in touch with happenings in their home countries. Since the subscription is completely free, all you need is your FTA decoder, and you are connected.

What Are The Legal Implications Of Cracking A Satellite Receiver For Paid Channels?

There are several legal issues that you may face if you hack into satellite receivers and crack paid channels. It is important for you to know about these even if you have a legal ground to commit such acts. The following are some of the legal implications of cracking into paid satellite channels;

1. You May Be Arrested for Espionage

People who hack into satellite transmissions and watch channels for free may sometimes be tagged “espionages.” This has happened several times in the past, especially in countries that are hostile to freedom of expression. Espionage crimes may attract huge fines, and sometimes, one may be sentenced to death if found to have stolen sensitive government information. In countries like North Korea and China, for instance, hacking into satellite receivers is considered an act of sabotage, and you may be liable to death or huge fines.

2. Use of Illicit Decoding Devices Can Lead to a Huge Fine

Under the United States of America Federal Communications Act, users who use illicit programming or decoding device to hack satellite transmission and view contents for free may be liable to a fine of up to $100000. This crime is punishable under section 605e subsection 4. In some cases, a jail term that may be extended to 15 years may be imposed if the culprit is unable to pay the fine.

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