How To Delete Contacts From Messenger On Iphone?

If you want to delete a contact from Messenger, open the app and double-tap on the “People” section. Tap the contact you want to delete and tap the “Delete” button.

How do I delete someone from Messenger on my iPhone?

In order to delete a person from Messenger, he should click on his name while opening the app, and then will click on the gear icon on the left side top, and then will select the second dropdown menu and tap on “Remove.

 How do I permanently delete a contact on Messenger?

To delete a contact, just open a conversation with the person you want to delete. Then, click on the three dots icon in the top right corner of the conversation and select “Delete”.

How do I remove suggested lists from Messenger?

To remove suggested lists from Messenger, open the app, go to settings and then click the three dots at the top right corner. Select Delete.

Can you unfriend someone on Facebook and still have them on Messenger?

Yes, you can unfriend someone on Facebook and still be able to communicate using Messenger. If you unfriend someone on Facebook, they will be removed from your friend list, but you can still talk to them through the Messenger app.

How do I get rid of suggested contacts on my iPhone?

If you want to get rid of suggestions on your iPhone, you can go to the Contacts app and go to groups. Then, choose which contacts group you want to remove and press Delete.

Why does someone appear first on messenger?

Another reason why you might appear on the app is that the person has recently sent a message to you.

Where is M settings on messenger on iPhone?

You can access M settings in the app on your iPhone. To access it, open Messenger and then tap the Settings icon in the top-right corner. After this, tap M settings.

What happens when you delete someone on Messenger?

When you remove someone on Messenger, they are not taken off of your friends list. It’s also not removed if the person is a Facebook friend.

When you block someone on Messenger What do they see?

When you block a user on Messenger, they will not be able to message you or see your activity on Messenger, they will not be able to post anything on your Wall, or start conversations with you.

How do you block someone from Messenger?

In order to block someone from your Messenger, open the app and go to your messages. Tap the person’s name at the top of your conversation and then tap the person.

How do I get rid of suggested contacts?

If you’re using an Android phone, tap on the icon in the top left corner of the screen, select “Settings” and then “Manage contacts”. You’ll see a list of all the contact groups that have been created on your phone. Tap on “Create group” and then insert the name.

How do I delete shared contacts on iPhone?

To delete a shared contact on iPhone, go to the Contacts app and locate the contact you want to delete. Tap Edit button in the upper-right corner of the screen, then tap Delete button that appears next to the contact’s name. Confirm that you do really want to delete the contact by tapping Delete again.

Why Do recent contacts appear on iPhone?

iphone users can clear the phone’s call history by going to settings and tapping phone, tapping call history, then tapping the cross at the top right.

Can you tell if someone is looking at your Messenger?

Messenger is a great app to use if you want to have conversations with a lot of people. You’ll find the eye icon in the top-right corner of the chat window.

Can someone tell if you look at their Facebook a lot?

Yeah, Facebook has a feature that lets you find out how many times a person has seen your profile.

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