How To Delete Instagram Live Video?

You can delete an Instagram live video by opening the app, and from your profile tap the three lines in the top left corner, and then select “Live.” Tap the video you’d like to delete, and then tap the button that appears in the bottom right corner.

How do I delete an Instagram live?

To delete an Instagram live, open the live video in the video gallery then press the three dots in the upper right corner and select the “Delete” button.

How do you delete live videos?

To delete a video, go to the video’s page and press the “Delete this video” link.

Why can’t I delete my live video on Instagram?

If you’re the owner of the video, you can delete it at any time. If you’re not, nobody will be able to delete the video.

Do Instagram live videos disappear?

Social media sites started deleting the videos of people who were posting live videos that were made while the person took a drug that can help you stay awake for very long periods of time.

How do I delete live videos I watched on Facebook?

To delete a live video you’ve watched on Facebook:-Open the Facebook app and go to your News Feed-Scroll down and find the live video you want to delete-Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the video-Tap “Settings” and then “Delete”-Confirm and you’re done!

How do I get rid of live videos on Facebook?

If you want to remove videos that have been put online and you don’t want to watch them, you can always choose to hide them on Facebook.

How do I delete old live videos on Facebook?

To delete your live videos, go to your profile on Facebook and click on Videos on the left side of the page. From there you will be able to see all your live videos. Click on the three dots next to the video you wish to delete and select delete.

Where is my Instagram live video saved?

I just saved a video of myself making my Instagram story post.

What is the difference between Instagram live and IGTV?

Instagram live is a video chat feature that lets users broadcast to hundreds of people. IGTV is a feature that lets you upload videos and play them in a vertical format.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram live after it’s over?

You can easily see who viewed your live on Instagram. Simply access the ‘live’ section of your Instagram profile, and tap the three dots in the top right corner of your video. Then select ‘Viewers’ and you will see the list of the viewers who watched and/or commented.

 How do you delete watch history?

Remove your watch history by opening the app and going to the bottom of the screen – tap on General – tap on Usage – and a screen will appear to delete your history.

How do I delete a post I’ve seen?

You are likely to delete a post after seeing it if you hover over it and click on the three dots. Then, select “delete.

How do I delete watched videos on Facebook iPhone 2020?

Now, you can also delete a watched video on your Facebook iPhone 2020 by swiping left. So, after you swipe left, you will see the “X” icon. Tap this and then select the “Delete” option.

How do I delete a live video from Facebook on my Iphone?

Open the Facebook. You will see a screen which will show you all the photos or videos you have shared. You can delete the video by tapping on the three dots which are present in the top right corner of the video. Click on the three dots and click on Delete.

 Why wont Facebook let me delete a video?

There are some possible reasons why you cannot delete that video. One possibility is that it is part of live broadcasting and removing it would disrupt the broadcast.

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