How To Delete Xoom Account: The Complete Guide

How To Delete Xoom Account

Xoom is a PayPal service; it allows you to transact money with your family and friends globally. Xoom’s services include paying international bills, sending money to a mobile wallet, bank account, debit card, etc. 

You must create a Xoom account to use Xoom. Therefore, Xoom will ask for your personal information, such as emails.

Even though Xoom helps you quickly send and receive money online, some users don’t love it. 

There are many reasons why individuals may wish to delete their Xoom accounts, and among them is email spamming by the company. 

Creating a Xoom account is quite easy, but deleting it can be quite tricky for some users. The article has a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Xoom account. 

How To Delete Xoom Account

As mentioned, one of the reasons people delete their Xoom accounts is because of email spamming. For email spamming, however, you can mark the mails as spam or unsubscribe from the mail. 

Nevertheless, if Xoom no longer interests you, it’s easy to delete it by following these comprehensive steps. 

  1. You need to go to Xoom’s official website or click on this link “”
  2. It will redirect you to the “Email Us” page; here, there is a form that you need to fill. 
  3. You then enter your name and email account linked to the Xoom account you want to delete. 
  4. Write “Request to delete my account” in the subject section and then give a genuine reason why you want to delete the account in the “subject box.”
  5. Finally, click on submit to send the mail.

To check,  go back to the login page and try to log in. If it does not log in, it means your account is permanently deleted.


The Xoom platform offers digital money services. Through the platform, you can pay bills, transfer money to different countries, etc. The company was founded in 2021 and currently operates in more than 132 countries. 

Xoom operates under PayPal, and its major function is to enable easy money transfer from one country to another without including paperwork. The platform charges small transaction fees for the different transactions.

Xoom Login  

Logging in to Xoom is simple, and you can do it in two ways. You can log in through your Xoom account or using your PayPal account. 

However, you must have the email address and password used to sign up to any platform. In case you experience any login issues, you can try resetting your password. 

Resetting the password is easy, and you can do it from the login screen, select “Forgot Password” to reset. 

Xoom Phone Number

If you are experiencing any issues, you can contact Xoom support through their contact numbers +1 (415) 395-4225 or (877) 815-1531, which is toll-free. 

The Xoom support team also uses different languages, including French, Spanish, English, and Filipino. 

How To Cancel Xoom Transaction

You can cancel Xoom transactions that are eligible for cancellation. The transaction that still has a visible transaction link is active and eligible for cancellation. 

If it does not have a transaction link, it means it has been processed. Check your email account to learn whether the transaction is complete or not. Here are the steps to follow to cancel the transaction if the link is still visible. 

  • You need to access the “Track Transaction” page on your Xoom account.
  • After opening the page, go to transaction history, which is under “My Transaction.”
  • Finally, select the transaction you want to cancel and click on the “cancel transaction” button.

How Long Do Xoom Transfers Take 

The Xoom transfers are usually quick. Most take some minutes, such as paying bills, Xoom reloads, mobile network, etc. 

However, certain transactions can take several days, especially if you make large transactions because Xoom does a few checks.

The App 

The platform features have an application with a great user interface that makes it easy to use. The application is available for different operating systems such as Android and iPhone. 

The app allows you to reload mobile phones, send money and pay bills. It’s also possible to check your transaction status and thus save you from the trouble of having to log in on a web browser. 

You can download the Xoom app from Google Play or App Store. You will need your email address and password to log in for those who have the Xoom account. If you are using Xoom for the first time, you have to sign up. 

Here are reasons  why you may like Using Zoom 

Exchange Rates and Speed 

The exchange rate depends on the mid-market rate. It means the currency conversation rate of Xoom is similar to that of XE, Google, etc. The platform allows you to see the rates before making any transaction. 

It features a calculator that shows the cost of the transfer and the amount the recipient will get. Speed, on the other hand, is quite important in the digital world. No human loves to wait for money for long. 

The Xoom app is ideal for both emergency and everyday transactions. The traditional companies take between 2-5 business days to send money to a bank account successfully. 

However, with Xoom, money transfer only takes a few hours. Other money transfer platforms charge premiums for speedy delivery, which is usually between 3-5 days. With Xoom, the transaction typically takes 2 hours to complete. 

The good thing is that Xoom has a great and competitive exchange rate. Certain companies will give you a higher rate if you accept to wait for several days. 

However, a premium fee will be levied if you want your recipient to get money quickly. Overall, with Xoom, you will get a combination of excellent exchange rates and speedy delivery.


The transactions above $1000 through PayPal or a bank account with Xoom do not have a transaction fee. 

However, you will pay a certain amount of fee for transactions below $1000. The transactions fees do vary. 

For example, transferring any amount below $1000 internationally using a major US bank will cost you up to $50. The good thing about Xoom is that it has a clear fee structure. 

  • $499 and below: $2.99
  • $999 and below: $4.99
  • $1000 and above: $0.00

Payout and Payment Methods 

Xoom allows you to transfer money globally using several payment options such as PayPal, bank account, cards, etc. Note that the different payment methods have varying fees. 

Make sure you check and compare before sending money. The recipient can also choose how they wish to receive the money. The available payout methods are cash pickup services, bank accounts, etc. 

You can surely send money to almost all parts and even to remote regions using zoom. The company has partnerships with other major companies globally to securely, conveniently, and affordably transfer money to remote places.  

Mobile Friendly

You can access the Xoom platform through the web or app. As mentioned, the application is downloadable from App Store or Google PlayStore. 

The platform is among the digital remittance services with the most User-friendly and intuitive platforms. 

In Apple App Store, the Xoom app has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, and in Google PlayStore, it has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Customer Care 

The company offers several ways through which you can contact the customer support team. It has received high ratings for its great and satisfactory customer service. 

You can contact Xoom customer care through call, email, tweet, etc. The email support is available for 24 hours to English and Spanish speakers.


PayPal is a household name in the digital banking industry. People love it because of its speed, secure transactions, and convenience. 

Xoom, which is under PayPal, allows you to effectively and efficiently transfer money across different countries. 

You can fund your Xoom account using your PayPal balance or vice versa. Both platforms will offer you speed, secure transactions, and convenience. 

How Safe Is Xoom?

The company/platform offers a money transfer service and is under PayPal. The federal and state government agencies regulate the activities of both Xoom and PayPal in America, and this makes them safe. 

Xoom has partnerships with only major and trusted retailers and banks in the USA. The partnerships facilitate services like home deliveries, cash pickups, etc. Plus, it ensures total safety compliance with state and local laws. 

The Xoom app and website use top-notch security such as 128 bit SSL. Another security option is advanced protection that protects the User’s persona information, making Xoom one of the safest money transfer companies. 


Xoom facilitates international money transfers and is operated by PayPal. You can access Xoom services from your computer through their website or phone through their app. Xoom services are available in more than 70 countries. 

The various methods of sending money are through cash delivery or pick up, send to bank account, etc. The company also allows international bill paying, and phone reload. 

Despite the great benefits, certain people do not love Xoom for different reasons, such as email spamming and unauthorized transaction cancellation. The article has given the steps on how to delete your Xoom account permanently. 

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