How To Discharge A Battery: The Bizarre Act

How To Discharge A Battery

Have you ever tried to drain your battery on purpose? As much as it sounds weird, there are situations where you will have to discharge your battery purposely. One of the circumstances you can find yourself draining your battery is when you want to store your old phone for a long time.

If you decide to store your old phone once you have a new phone, you should ensure you keep it with an empty battery. You can also discharge your battery purposely if you want to know how long it can take your battery to charge fully. However, if you are draining a phone’s battery that you will use, ensure you do not drain it to zero. It would be best not to discharge your battery below 20%.

How To Discharge Your Battery

There are many ways you can use to drain your battery. However, there is one best way you can automatically discharge your battery which is faster than usual. It is by using a free app called the Fast discharge app.

Discharging Your Battery

Discharging your battery might not be a weird thing after all. As long as you have your reasons for doing it, then you can go ahead with it. Apart from using the Fast discharge app to discharge your phone automatically, you can also use other manual ways. These different methods will allow you to interact with your phone. The following are some of the tools on your phone you can use to discharge your battery.


The display of the phone is one of the tools you can use to discharge your battery. There is no other component on your phone that east ups your battery more than display. The reason is that the layout of your phone is the primary way you interact with your phone.

There are various ways to use the display of your phone to drain your battery. One way is by increasing the brightness of your phone. When you increase the brightness of your phone, your phone will require more power. Therefore, it will strain the battery, making it discharge. Increasing your brightness to 100% will make the battery discharge to be even faster.

Another way to utilize your phone’s display to discharge your battery is by disabling the sleep mode. You will go to your lock screen settings and set your screen never to go off. Having your screen on for a long time makes your phone use a lot of power, thus discharging your battery.


Another crucial tool for draining your battery is connections on your phone. It has an enormous impact on your phone’s battery.’ Some of the most common connections on your phone include phone signal, data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location services.

You can use the connection tool in many ways to discharge your battery. One of the ways include connecting your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, or data and not using them. When people interconnect these features, they do so if they need to use them. Connecting them and not using them guarantees battery discharge. Your phone will use unnecessary power, thus draining your battery.

Another way to optimize the connections tool to discharge your battery is by constantly using those connections. You can use your data or Wi-Fi to go online and spend a lot of time downloading large videos. The whole time you download those videos, your phone will be actively using its networking hardware. Therefore it will end up using a lot of power and consequently discharging your battery.

Having a weak phone signal is also an effective way of using the connection tool to discharge your battery. You can use your phone where there are network problems like underground. When there is a weak signal, the phone will look for a solution by looking for signal strength.

The constant checking of signal strength will make the phone consume a lot of power. Therefore it will make your battery discharge.  Staying in place with a weak signal for a long time will lead to fast battery discharge.


The camera is a crucial component of your phone, but you can still use it to cause battery discharge. Since it is separate hardware, it requires the phone’s power to function. Therefore, as a result, your battery will discharge when using the camera.

You can use your camera to discharge your battery by using it on apps relying heavily on the camera. The app you can use is Snapchat. Snapchat is among the top five apps that drain your battery faster than any other app. Therefore when you use your camera on Snapchat for a long time, your battery will discharge at a higher rate.

Another way to use your camera as a battery discharging tool is by taking videos. The phone’s processor will take about 60 photos per second, depending on the video frame rate. Therefore, the longer the videos, the harder it is on the processor. Therefore the processor will drain a lot of power from your phone. It will cause strain on your battery, thus making your battery discharge.

You can also increase your camera brightness to optimize the camera tool to discharge your battery. Raising the camera brightness will consume a lot of power hence causing battery discharge. Moreover, you can also use flashlights consistently when taking pictures or videos. using the flashlight will drain your phone power making your battery discharge

How To Fix A Dead Battery Not Charging

Draining your battery to zero may cause your battery to be completely dead and even fail to charge. Moreover, it can decrease your battery’s lifespan. Therefore whatever your reasons may be, you should avoid draining your phone below 20% if you want to use it again. Have you tried charging your dead battery, and it is not responding? If you have, try the following things.

Pull The Battery Out

One thing you can try to revive a dead battery is getting the battery out of your phone. You will wait for a few minutes and then return it to your phone and plug your phone into the charger. You must ensure that you use the original charger that came with your phone.

Charging with any charger that you find will not do any good to you. If you do not have your original chare, ensure the charge you use is a manufactured, approved charger. For some phones, you cannot remove their battery because they are in-built. If that is the case, you can perform a simulated battery pull.

Check The Outlet

Sometimes people overthink things and fail to see solutions right in front of them. It might be the problem is not with your battery after all. You might find that the issue is in the wall outlet.

Therefore ensure you check your wall outlet and ensure that it is on. You should also check if the wall outlet you are using is in the proper condition. If it is not in the right state, try changing to another wall outlet and see if your battery will start to charge.

Try A Different Charger

When your dead battery refuses to charge, please do not conclude that the problem is the battery without confirming it. You may find that the charger you are using is the problem. The charger can be the cause, especially if you are not using your phone’s original charger. Moreover, you might find that your original charger has malfunctioned. Therefore, ensure you look for another charge to see if your battery will charge.

Buy Another Battery

is your battery still refusing to charge even after trying all the options? It means that your battery has no life left. Therefore the only option you have is to replace your battery with a new one.

If your battery had a warranty and your battery had not lasted for more than a year, then you are in luck. You can take another new battery for free. However, if you do not have a warranty, you will have to buy a new one. Ensure you purchase a high-quality battery and check if it has any corrosions, bloating, or warping.

Does Discharging Your Phone To Zero Before You Recharge It Improve Your Battery’s Life?

The direct answer to this question is a straight no. You will not be doing any good to your battery when your drain it to zero. On the contrary, you will be decreasing its lifespan. Therefore ensure you avoid over-discharging your phone if you want it to have a longer life.

What Is Deep Discharging?

Deep discharging is the process where you drain your battery at its total capacity. The capacity of your battery becomes two times less as the amount of the electric discharge when deep discharging it. Therefore your battery becomes hard to recharge due to high internal cell resistance.


After all, discharging your battery to zero might not be a good idea, regardless of your reasons. However, if you have to drain your battery, it is safe to discharge your battery to at least 20%. You can use many tools like a camera, connections, display, etc., on your phone to facilitate your battery. If discharging your battery is unnecessary, avoid doing it since it will lower your battery’s lifespan.

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