How To Factory Reset Iphone With Activation Lock?

There are a few ways to factory reset an iPhone. One of them is to use iCloud to remove the device. Another way is to use the Find My iPhone app to remove the device.

How do you factory reset an iPhone with a locked Apple ID?

It’s important to mention that you need to factory reset your iPhone before making the settings changes. If you want to make other changes to the phone, you must restore it first.

Can you get past Apple activation lock?

Apple’s activation lock works by checking the sim card. You can unlock it using another carrier sim.

Is there any way to unlock an iPhone or factory reset without the Apple ID that was on it?

You can’t unlock your iPhone or factory reset it without your Apple ID or password. If you forget your Apple ID or password, you can contact Apple support for help.

Will factory reset turn off activation lock?

This might also occur if your device has been tampered with, or if your data is corrupted on your device and cannot be decrypted.

How do I remove a locked iPhone from its owner?

If your iPhone is locked by a passcode, you will need to unlock it first before removing it from the lock screen.

How do I get rid of activation lock without previous owner Iwatch?

If you don’t have the iCloud username or password, you’ll have to take your device to an Apple Store, where a Genius will be able to reset your Apple ID.

Can you jailbreak an iCloud locked iPhone?

While it is possible to jail break an iCloud locked iPhone, it won’t remove the iCloud lock.

Does a factory reset remove Apple ID?

This will not remove your Apple ID.

Can Apple remove activation lock without proof of purchase?

Apple sometimes removes the activation lock to remove the device from your family plan. If you lose the activation lock, you can either call to request a replacement code, or you can wait a few days and try getting a phone number for your device from your phone company.

Does a factory reset remove Apple ID?

Resetting your account means that you will not be able to use the Apple ID that you have used to login.

How do I turn off reactivation lock?

If you forgot your reactivation lock password or you can’t sign in your device because you have reactivation lock turned on then you can remove it by logging in with your Google account.

Can an activation locked iPhone be unlocked?

Yes, if you have an iPhone, you can unlock it if you have that person’s credentials. However, it is difficult to unlock it if you do not have the person’s login credentials.

How do I turn off reactivation lock?

If you have forgotten your reactivation lock password or can’t sign in your device because the reactivation lock is turned on, you can remove that lock using your Google account.To remove the reactivation lock, follow these steps:Go to and sign in with the Google account that’s associated with your device.

Can I remove iCloud lock without password?

You can remove iCloud lock without the access to the device that the iCloud account is locked to and if you have the password. It is essential to have the password so that you can remove the iCloud lock. However, it is not possible to unlock the device without the password and to change the iCloud password without the owner of the account’s help.

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