How To Find My HP Printer WI-FI Password: The Wireless HP Printer

How To Find My HP Printer WI-FI Password

HP printers are among the best printers you can have due to their advanced features and technology. The Hp printers have done everything to ensure users have an easy time in their printing activities. Therefore, you can now find wireless HP printers allowing you to print from any wireless-capable device.

However, for your wireless HP printer to work, you need to connect it with your Wi-Fi router. Moreover, you will also need a Wi-Fi password to enjoy what wireless HP printer offers. When you make some changes to your PC, you may have issues with the wireless HP printer.

It can happen when you have forgotten the HP printer Wi-Fi password. Once you cannot provide the password, it would be hard to use the wireless HP printer. However, you can find your HP printer password even if you have forgotten it.

How To Find My HP Printer WI-FI Password

if you have forgotten your HP printer Wi-Fi password, you do not need to worry. There are ways you can retrieve your password and continue using your wireless HP printer. You can print the latest network information from your printer. You will find your password on that information. Moreover, you can also opt to reset your device’s network setting to default settings.

Setting Up Your New HP Printer WI-FI Password

If you have forgotten your HP printer Wi-Fi password, you must find it if you want to continue using your wireless printer. Ensure you follow these procedures to quickly set up the Wi-Fi password default for your HP printer.

  • If you have an HP printer with touch screens, you will first press the ‘’Wi-Fi direct’’ symbol and turn it on. Once it is on, you can find all the network information report about your wireless HP printer. Therefore you will ensure that you print out the information report.
  • When you set up your new Wi-Fi password default, you will also need to change your printer’s name.
  •  You should ensure that your printer gets connected to the same Wi-Fi connection as your PC. Moreover, ensure that you also get the IP address of your HP printer. You can know the IP address by going to the network settings of your printer.
  • Once you have your HP printer IP address, you will insert it for your browser and press enter. You will then see the EWS of your printer opening.
  •  The next you will do is to choose the network-wifi direct-status. When a message regarding redirection to a new page that is secure HTTPS-enabled comes, press ok to continue the process.
  •  As you continue, you will also get a message saying, ‘’your connection is not private.’’ if the notification comes, ensure you select advanced and then choose ‘’procced to IP address of the printer.’’
  •  After you finish setting up the Wi-Fi password default for your printer, you will have to save all the changes by selecting ‘apply.’

Finding Your HP Printer Wi-Fi Password On Your Windows, Mac, And Router

You can follow some steps to find your HP printer Wi-Fi password either your windows, Mac, or router. Here is how to find the password on your windows, Mac, or router.

Finding Your HP Printer Wi-Fi Password On Your Windows

The first thing you will do is to right-click on the network tray icon on the windows. You will then open the network option and click on the sharing center option. You will select the change adaptor settings option on the sharing center option to go to the network name option.

The next task will be to right-click on the network name option and click the status option. On the status option, you will select the wireless properties option and choose the security tab option. You will then click on the show character option. The show character option will provide you with the HP printer Wi-Fi password (the network security key).

Finding Your HP Printer Wi-Fi Password On Your Mac

You will start by opening the ‘’key chain access’’ and pressing and holding the command and shift key. You will then open the ”Utilities” option by pressing the U key on your keyboard and click the ‘’key chain access.’’ The next thing to do is type a few letters of your key chain access once you click the spotlight.

Moreover, you will open the launchpad and double-click on the ‘’key chain access.’’ On the ‘’key chain access’’ option, you will see a list. On the list, look for the ‘’local items’’ option and click on it. You will then double-click on the wireless network name and select the show password option. Once you successfully follow these steps, you will find your HP printer Wi-Fi password.

Finding Your HP Printer Wi-Fi Password On Your Router

Finding your HP printer Wi-Fi password on your router is more straightforward than looking for it on your Mac and windows. Once you subscribe to the ISP, the service providers will give you’re a network password. You can find the password on your router from the paperwork of your printer.

You will turn on the ‘’Wi-Fi direct’’ symbol and find all the network information reports. You will then print the information, and you will find your password there.

Reasons Why Your HP Printer Stopped Connecting To Wi-Fi

The following are some of the reasons why your HP printer might stop working wirelessly.

Power Failure

One of the things that can make your HP printer stop connecting to Wi-Fi and thus, stop working wirelessly is a power failure. When there is a power outage, the HP printer will not connect to Wi-Fi since the network connection will get lost. Therefore, you can buy a generator to act as your backup source of power.

Poor Internet Connection

Another reason why your HP printer might not connect to Wi-Fi is because of a week internet connection. Having a week connection will not be suitable for your printer to connect to Wi-Fi and work wirelessly. Therefore you will need to improve your connection between your printer and the wireless network.

Recently Updated Or Installed Software

Do you have recent updates or installed software? If you do, they might be blocking communication, thus making the HP printer stop connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Therefore you should ensure that you restore your system backup. Restoring your system backup might stop the communication blockage and thus making your HP printer connect to the Wi-Fi network.

How To Reconnect A Wireless HP Printer To A New Router

A power outage can sometimes bring more damage than you might have anticipated. A power outage can cause the router to burst if it damages your electrical socket. Therefore you will end up having to buy a new router. Thus, you must understand how to reconnect your printer to a new router. You can follow these steps to reconnect your HP printer to a new router successfully.

First, click on the setup option by pressing the right arrow key on the screen of your printer. On the setup menu, you will see the network option, and you will click on it. Once you click on it, you will get redirected to another menu. On that menu, you will click on the wireless wizard setup.

The next task is to put your SSID on the next screen, followed by your WPA/WEP passphrase, and then click done. The last thing you will do is to click o the ok button and confirm your selections. Once you finish the process, your printer will reconnect to your new router. If the reconnection fails, then the problem might be outdated drivers.

How Do You Reset HP Wireless Printer Password?

The first thing you will do is to click on the wireless icon on your screen. Once you click it, you will go to setup and click on the network button. Clicking on the network button will take you to the wireless setup wizard option.

You will click on it so that you go to the network name. You will tap the skip button followed by the ok button and type the password of the printer. Once you put in your password, click on the ok button twice and look at the successful connection message. After you finish the process, you would have completed resetting your password.

What Is WPS Pin, And How To Find It On Your HP Printer?

WPS is an eight-digit unique code that allows the connection of two or more devices. It is the one responsible for connecting your HP printer with your PC. Therefore it makes it possible for users to print documents even if the printer is far from them. Finding your HP printer WPS pin is not a complex task. If your printer has a screen, you can find the WPS pin from the control panel.


when you connect your HP printer to a wireless network, it can make you print documents even if you are far from it. Have you forgotten your HP printer password? If you have, follow the above steps to find your password on either your Mac, Windows, or router. In case your router becomes defective, you will need to replace it with a new one. Therefore you should know how you can reconnect your HP printer with your new router.

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