How To Get Your Drafts Back On Tiktok If You Deleted It On Iphone?

After deleting your TikTok drafts from your iPhone, you can’t retrieve it. On the other hand, if you have an iCloud backup, you can get all of your deleted drafts from there.

How do I get my TikTok back after deleting it from my iPhone?

The popular Chinese app is no longer available on the App Store after Apple removed it from the store because it was not following the local laws regarding user privacy on iPhones.

Can deleted TikTok be recovered?

Unfortunately, the service is available only from the US and some other countries.

How do I recover a deleted TikTok?

If you have a backup of your phone or you can restore it from there, you can go straight to the app’s settings and then go to “restore application”.

Can you see deleted Tiktoks?

I think that is the reason I’m here because I’d love to be able to take this opportunity to see exactly what the real deal is about this. I have to say that.

How do I go back to a TikTok video?

To return to a TikTok from a previously watched video, tap on the three-line menu and select “History.” You will need to do this every time you open TikTok so you can find your previous videos.

How do you find old videos on TikTok?

Watching all your favourite videos is not the only option you have on TikTok. There are a number of ways to find an old, but still active video for you to watch. You can search the popular video on TikTok with a keyword, or you can use the search bar at the top of the app and type in a phrase to try and find a video you want to watch.

How do I find my old TikTok?

If you want to get back into your TikTok account, go to the website and click on the “Forgot your password?” option. Enter your email and then click “Submit.”In your email, you should get a confirmation that your password has been reset.Enter your password and then log in to your account.

How do I watch TikToks I’ve watched?

To watch Tik Toks, you’ve watched, you can open the app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner.

Can you get back deleted videos on iPhone?

You can get back what you deleted. If you have recently deleted a video on your iPhone, you can use a data recovery tool or try restoring your phone to a previous backup that contains the video. If neither of those methods work, you may be able to contact the person who made the video and ask them to send you a copy.

What happens if you delete TikTok?

If you delete TikTok, all data from your account and all the data is also deleted.

Can you tell if someone viewed your TikTok profile?

You can see who has viewed your profile on TikTok. To open the app and then select “Settings” and click on “View Profile.” Then select “Who Viewed My Profile,” and you’ll see a list of people who have viewed your profile, as well as the date and time they last viewed it.

How do you see how many TikToks you’ve watched on iPhone?

iphone users can check if they’ve watched or paused any of their TikToks by opening the app and going to the “History” tab. Tap on “Watched,” and you’ll see a list of all videos you’ve watched in chronological time.

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