How To Move Music From Files To Music On Iphone?

You can also use iTunes on your computer to copy or move files from your computer to your iPhone. You can use an app like Dropbox which is a cloud storage app, to upload music or other files to the cloud. Then from your iPhone you can use an app like Google Drive which is a cloud storage app, to access your music.

Can I move a song from files to music on iPhone?

You can move songs from your phone to your computer for backup or transferring music. To do so, open the Files app on your phone and locate the song. Tap and hold on the song, then drag it to an iTunes folder on your computer. The song will be added to your iTunes library.

How do I move files into my music library?

There are several ways to move files into the music library. One way is to drag and drop the files into the music library window. Another way is to select the “add to library” option from the file menu.

Why won’t iTunes let me add music to my Library?

You’ve already tried to add music to your iTunes Library, but iTunes is saying that the disc isn’t authorized. If you’re trying to add a music CD, make sure the music disc is inserted into your computer’s disc drive.

How do I manually add music to iPhone?

There are several ways to add music to your iPhone. One way is to add music from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes. Another way is to add music from a CD or from the Internet.

How do I move audio files to Apple music?

To move to Apple Music, the most common method is to use the iTunes tool to import the music files.

How can I transfer music to my iPhone without using iTunes?

A third-party app is used to transfer music files from your Mac to your iPhone or computer. However, if you are connected wirelessly, you can send over your music from one device to the other without using iTunes.

 How do I transfer music to my iPhone without a computer?

There are a few ways to transfer music on your iPhone without a computer. One way is to use AirDrop, which allows you to share files between two devices using Bluetooth. Another way is to use iCloud or Google Drive, which allow you to store your files in the cloud and access them from your phone.

Why do some songs not transfer from iTunes to iPhone?

Songs that were purchased from iTunes or that are in the user’s iCloud Music Library will be transferred to iPhone.

So, to answer your questions:

Why is there no option to sync songs from a specific folder or group of folders?

There is no option to sync specific folders.
From the link you posted…

Why is my Apple Music not adding songs?

If ‘iCloud Music Library’ is enabled, then open the Settings app and tap on ‘Music’. If iCloud Music Library is enabled, then the switch will be in the On position. If it’s not enabled, then the switch will be in the Off position.

Why is Apple Music not letting me add songs to my playlist?

You can use Apple Music to listen to music from your personal library, music from a few select streaming services, and songs that are available on Apple Music. You can also create playlists that contain songs from your personal library, any music that you subscribe to on a streaming service, or songs that have been purchased in the iTunes Store.

Where is music stored on my iPhone?

The Music app is located at the Home screen, and you are able to access it by tapping the Music icon.

Why can’t I manually add songs to iPhone?

If you have a lot of songs, you can’t sync them using iTunes, you will have to transfer them manually.

Where are my music files stored?

Your music files are probably stored on your computer’s hard drive. If you have an external hard drive, you may have a different location for your music files.

Why can’t I drag MP3 files into iTunes?

The reason iTunes doesn’t support the drag-and-drop of MP3 files is because, at the time of this answer, the files need to be converted to the proper format in order for them to be compatible with iTunes.

How do I add music to Apple Music Library without downloading it?

The way to add music to your Apple Music Library without downloading everything is via the “For You” tab of the Music app, which is in the upper-right corner. Tap on the “+” button to add a playlist. Enter a name for the playlist and then tap “Add Music”.

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