How To Recover Deleted Comments On Instagram?

A definitive answer, there is not. It may vary depending on how the comments were deleted.

What happens if you delete a comment on Instagram?

If you delete a comment on YouTube, it will be removed from the app and from the account it was posted on.

Can I retrieve a deleted comment on Instagram?

You can retrieve your deleted comment from your Instagram profile. From the left side menu, tap the three dots in the top right corner, then select “Restore Comment.

How do you see deleted comments on Instagram?

If you delete a comment, you will still be able to see it on your dashboard. If you delete the comment, that means you will not be able to see the comment.

When you delete a comment on Instagram does it delete the replies?

Oh, I donSORELY thought that it would, but it did not.

How do I find deleted comments?

The websites don’t have any one true way to find deleted comments. People can use the website’s search feature, or they can use browser extensions to search source code to find traces of comments and other content that is hidden by the website’s administrators.

Why did Instagram delete my comment?

There is going to be a message from Instagram that is going to appear in a pop-up. The exact message that will appear is unknown. Your best bet is to take a screenshot of the message and post it on the internet as a proof of what you got to see on your screen.

Does deleting a comment delete the thread?

You can delete a comment by pressing the ‘X’ button on your keyboard.

How do I delete a comment I posted on someone else’s Instagram?

If you want to remove a comment you posted on a social media, first open the Instagram app and sign in so you can see the photo or video in question. The comment you want to delete is in the list of the comments, under the photo or video in question. Tap on the three dots at the top of the screen to get the menu, and select Delete Comment.

Are Friends notified when you delete a post?

Friends will be notified when you share a post.

What is Removeddit?

Reddit allows for comments and submissions to be hidden if they are deemed to be “spam”, “trollish” or “offensive”. Users can opt to hide a post, or to view it if they would like to.

Can I see deleted comments on Reddit?

However, they still exist in the archives. To view them, you need to go to the history page. This page contains a list of all the comments that have ever been posted on the website.

What happens when I delete a comment?

When you share a comment, it’s shared to the conversation thread, and it’s visible to everyone who’s online at the time.

Do you get a notification when someone deletes a message on Instagram?

In your Instagram profile, you often see a “New Feed” notification.

What happens when you delete a post that has been shared?

When you delete a post, it is removed from all of the people who posted it and from all of the people who saw it.

Will the person who tagged you be notified?

Yes, you must inform the tagger that you have tagged them.

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