How To Reset A Kill Switch On A Car: Car Safety

How to Reset a Kill Switch on a Car

If you are reading this article, then you know what the kill switch is. However, I’m sure there are other few who love reading about cars and their various components. 

But they do not have a clear idea of what the kill switch is. In a technological context, the function of the kill switch is to disable or shut down a program or device. 

In cars, the primary purpose of the switch is to prevent the theft of data, machines and shut it down in the case of an emergency. 

The degree to which the kill switch limits or stops a specific activity depends on the process and program it intends to protect, plus the production and operation. 

Because of specific reasons, one can want to reset the kill switch. So let’s find out.

How to Reset a Kill Switch on a Car

Resetting the kill switch can be so straightforward if it has a reset button. All you’ll need to do is press the click button. Alternatively, you will have to do it the hard way. 

Cut the A17 wire, which is primarily pink in color. Cut it from the harness and then connect the wire to the 12 volts power source. 

One of the chargers you use for the power wheels will do the job perfectly. You should ensure that there is a ground connection on your battery. 

This process will reset all the switches that are in your car. However, it’s pretty dangerous. After doing it, check all the fuses. 

How Does A Kill Switch Work?

In technology, the kill switch is a broad term. It depends on the software, technology, and tools used to facilitate and create it. 

The kill switch is used for various purposes in different contexts. In manufacturing companies, the kill switch might be used to shut down machinery if a worker is in danger. 

In other instances, the kill switch might have software. Most kill switch software does prevent anti-piracy mechanisms. 

Today we are looking at the kill switch in cars. 

Improving Your Car Security Using the Kill Switch

The kill switch is quite popular today. It is the best and simplest way of ensuring that your car is secure. 

You can connect the button to some vital parts of the vehicle like a fuse box, ignition, fuse box, and many more. 

The kill switch does kill the power to the specific part when it’s on. Immediately the switch is off, everything goes back to normal, and you can now operate your car. 

The switch prevents another person from starting your car without you knowing. But you have to hide the switch in a place that no one can easily see and locate it.

Additionally, there are several ways how you can install the kill switch. Let’s take a trip on how to install the kill switch safely. 

Figure Out the Car Circuit

Knowing the car circuit well will help you install the kill switch in places that guarantee you security. 

For example, wiring the toggle switch in the fuel tank can work well. It will undoubtedly prevent thieves from stealing the car. 

However, it has its repercussions. The car engine can accidentally turn off while you are driving. You can also install a switch under the dash to prevent the ignition from engaging when the clutch is not fully depressed. 

The interruption made by the circuit will prevent anyone who does not know about the circuit from starting the car. 

Selecting the Kill Switch

Today many car thieves know about the kill switch, and they are familiar with the places that people place it in the cars. It is so essential that you hide your kill switch. 

The car has several places where you can conceal the kill switch. But you should be able to access the kill switch from the driver’s seat easily. 

Although many thieves know that the switches are somewhere that’s easily accessible from the driver’s seat. However, do not overwork yourself on thinking about a place that you can hide the switch. 

Would you mind putting it in plain sight? That’s the best way of concealing it. You can also use the switches that are rarely used, like the emergency flasher button.

Rewire the Old Switches

This is a vital thing to do when you are installing the kill switch. At times the kill switch might affect the old switches. 

For example, it might cause the window button to break the circuit when the window lock button is not fully pressed. This will prevent you from rolling down the window. 

To fix this, you will have to rewire the window switches. In this situation, you can bridge the contacts using a small copper wire twist and tape it in place.

Wiring the Switch

You can use the speaker wire to connect the switches to the kill switch circuit. It is straightforward to do. 

It would be best if you did the wiring in series so that any switch that is being opened prevents the car from starting. 


After successfully connecting the switches, you will have to put them in the car now. The process of installing the kill switch is relatively easy. 

As mentioned, you will have to figure out the part of the car that needs a kill switch and then look for its wire. 

You then identify the perfect place to place the switch and how you’ll run the cables from the battery, fuel pump, etc. 

It would help if you had the proper tools to cut the wires successfully. You might have to drill holes in certain parts of the car. 

It would help if you were careful not to destroy the components or wirings on the other side of the board. 

The Different Types Of Kill Switch In The Car

The Battery Disconnect Kill Switch

It’s one of the methods of installing the kill switch in your car. You connect the switch to the negative terminal wire of the battery. 

The switch works uniquely. It interrupts the battery’s current and makes the car thief think that the car battery is dead. 

I’m confident the thief won’t have the time to check if there is a kill switch in the car. However, if you switch it off, the car starts as usual. 

The only issue behind the batter kill switch is that you’ll have to set your clock and radio every time. You will also have to lift the hood every time you want to toggle the switch. 

Fuel Pump Relay Switch

Most people connect the kill switch to the fuel pump relay. To successfully do this, you have to track down the fuel pump relay. After this, you then splice the kill switch into the wire. 

This will always kill power that goes to the relay. By interrupting the power in the relay, you can be sure that fuel will not get into the engine. 

Therefore the car won’t start because it does not have enough fuel to start the car fully. It will consequently prevent the thief from going with the vehicle even if they have your car key. 

The thief will undoubtedly leave the car since they won’t have the time to try and figure out the issue. 

Car Alarm

In the olden days, that’s in the 80s and 90s. Car alarms were not as popular. It was uncommon to hear the annoying noises in the neighborhood. 

Today the after-market alarms are pretty popular. Many people are always wondering whether the warnings are of any use or they pollute the environment. 

However, apart from being noisy, the alarm is handy. It does deter the thieves from stealing your car or belongings inside the vehicle. 

It does this by drawing attention using the noise. There are different car alarms, and they do various functions and have different levels of effectiveness. 

Are Alarms worth It

Many do dismiss the after-market car alarms. To them, it’s just another expensive noisemaker. The after-market car alarms cost between $200 and $300. 

The effectiveness of the alarm is mainly dependent on how you install it. For it to be effective and efficient, you have to hide the wires plus install mobilizers properly. 

This will add security to the car. Do not just haphazardly install the alarm so that it can only make noise when one tries to unlock the door. 

That will be a total waste of time. So in case you want to install an after-market alarm, you should plan it first.


The kill switch certainly increases the security of your vehicle. Today many cars are being stolen in the United States. 

Using a kill switch is one of the most effective ways of keeping your car from being stolen. You can connect several parts of the vehicle to a kill switch, such as the fuel pump. 

However, the kill switch might not work as intended, and this will force you to reset. In this article, we have given a short guide on how you can reset the kill switch. 

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