How To Reset MXQ Box- What You Should Know About MXQ Box

How To Reset MXQ Box

MXQ box, also known as the Android TV box, can be described as a small, low-cost media box that can connect to your TV and play your favorite content, including TV shows, movies, and apps like gaming apps. This is a popular box these days, and it offers a wide range of use. Aside from watching movies and TV shows, you can use it to surf the web and stream videos straight to your TV. MXQ was introduced some years back, but today they are available in many advanced versions.

So, how do You Reset MXQ Box

You can reset the MXQ box by going to the setting and following simple instructions to reset it to its factory setting.

MXQ Box Specifications

The regular MXQ box has the following specifications;

  • 1GB RAM
  • Quad-core , AMLogicS805 processor
  • 8GB storage space
  • Android 4.4 operating system
  • Full HD display
  • Wi-Fi 802.11
  • RJ45
  • HDMI
  • 4 X USB ports
  • SD Memory Card Slot
  • Audio jack/AV jack
  • IR remote control
  • Power supply cord.

How Does The MXQ Box Works?

It would be best to connect the MXQ box to your smart TV via the appropriate connecting ports behind the TV and the box. You need to connect the smart TV and the box to the internet, especially a reliable Wi-Fi or wired ethernet.

Once the box has been connected to the internet, You must plug it in the box, and you may start downloading and installing the necessary apps.

Once you open the MXQ box package, you must plug the HDMI cable from this box into your smart TV. Make sure you set your TV with the correct HDMI input. Once you have connected the box to your TV, you may proceed with the connection of the box to the Wi-Fi internet.

Some MXQ boxes do come with a setup screen for the Wi-Fi connectivity, and for others, you will locate the connectivity in the settings section. Once the box is connected to power and the Wi-Fi internet, you may start using it.   

How Do You Reset MXQ Box To Its Factory Setting?

MXQ box is a cost-effective Android TV box powered by the Quad-core ARM Mali GPU alongside the Amlogic S805 CPU. It will allow you to stream visual content in different formats. The MXQ Pro, for instance, will allow you to stream content in 4k resolution.

Just before resetting your MXQ to its factory setting, you must update the box firmware to fix any likely bugs you may face. The process of resetting should take a few minutes if you have access to the MXQ box interface. It is also important to keep in mind that resetting your MXQ to its factory setting means you will lose your data; hence you must back this up before you reset.

To reset your MXQ box, plug the device into your smart TV, then click on the “Settings” menu that is represented by something that looks like a “Cog.” From Settings, go to “Preferences,” and under this, choose “More settings: option. Go to the “Personal column” from here to select the “Backup & Reset” or “Storage & Reset.”

Select the “Factory Reset” or “Factory Data Reset.” You will be re-directed to a new screen where you should select the “Full Reset” option. When you receive this final reset prompt, select “Verify” or “Erase Everything.”

Depending on the version of MXQ you are resetting, you may find some of the prompts different, but the process of resetting is the same.

Using The Hard Reset Option (Reset Button)

The hard reset option is an alternative way to reset your MXQ if you don’t have access to the MXQ interface or if the box is not functioning properly. For instance, if you are stuck on the home screen, or you are dealing with freezing or slow response issues when resetting.

You may need a toothpick or something similar to perform the hard reset; just make sure the material is non-conductive to prevent electrical shocks. You will also need a USB keyboard or TV remote.

To hard-reset your MXQ box, you must unplug it from its power source, then place the toothpick or alternative on the SPDIF or AV port – the reset button is in-built into any of these. The SPDIF or AV is located at the back of the Android box, press this and hold it gently. Continue holding the toothpick down until you hear a sound like a click.

While still holding the MXQ reset button, connect the box back to its power source. Continue to hold down the toothpick until you see the company logo appear on your smart TV. This procedure will take several seconds to accomplish.

Select the “Wipe Data” or “Factory Reset” option with the smart TV remote. Click on “Delete All User Data” and wait for the reset procedure to complete automatically.

Once the factory reset is completed, choose “Reboot System Now” to restart the MXQ box, this should complete the resetting.

With these resetting procedures, you may begin using the MXQ as if you had just purchased it from the factory.

What Other Things You Should Know About MXQ Box

The following are some of the essential information you should know about your MXQ box;

1. How to Download and Install Apps on Your MXQ Box

The only way to download and install apps on your MXQ box is to go to the Google Play store on the Google Android platform. You will need to create and verify a Gmail address to be able to download and install these apps. Alternatively, you may download apps on your MXQ box directly from websites. Android files often include APK files that resemble the EXE files on Windows. The APK files can be installed as apps from anywhere from the website.

2. What can Your MXQ Android Box Do?

MXQ Android boxes are used mainly to stream video content to its users, thus allowing them to watch their on-demand movies and shows. While this is the basic thing that can be done on the Android box, the device can also perform many other things a computer can do.

Apps can be installed on this box, and these apps can perform a number of things, including; weather checks, health checks, sports event streaming, and many more.

You can use your MXQ box to play some live games, especially when you have the apps for the game. You can store your videos on this box, and you can watch videos directly from service providers like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu.

Keep in mind that pricing for video streaming services may range from $10 to over $70, and this is not part of your payment for the box. Depending on the service subscription you have, you may also watch the normal TV channels on smart TV with your box.

3. What Types of MXQ Boxes are Available?

There are basically two types of MXQ boxes around, and these are; MXQ and MXQ pro. The MXQ Pro is the upgraded version of the MXQ. While both MXQ and MXQ pro come with the same features like Full HD display, Wi-Fi 802.11, RJ45, HDMI, 4 X USB ports, SD Memory Card Slot, Audio jack/AV jack, IR remote control, and Power supply cord, they differ in some ways.

MXQ only displays in HD quality, while MXQ pro can display in 4k resolution. MXQ has 1GB RAM, while MXQ Pro comes with 2GB RAM. MXQ box comes with the Android 4.4 operating system, while the MXQ pro comes with Android 5.1.

While the MXQ Box is powered by the Quad-core, AMLogic S805 processor, The MXQ pro version is powered by Quad-core, AMLogic S905 processor.

4. Likely Issues and Usage Tips

The MXQ box may have some bug issues, especially when not updated; experts, therefore, recommend the MXQ pro version. You need to set the Video-to-video transition setting to “Background” to ensure stress-free usage.

To improve the RSS scrolling on your MXQ box, you should turn off the “accelerate text animations.” Keep in mind that both MXQ and MXQ Pro can play more than one video on the screen at a time. You might receive an error message if you try to play multiple videos at the same time. This error message will only disappear when you switch off your device and turn it back on.

The rotation feature will only work on the basic MXQ box, but this feature may develop an issue, so it’s better to avoid using screen rotation.

As expected, the MXQ pro costs slightly more than the basic MXQ; some vendors, however, have a trade-in arrangement where you add some money on top of your old MXQ to get the MXQ pro. Google does not recommend this as it may lead to being shortchanged on a fake box. You should order your MXQ or MXQ pro directly from accredited sellers where you can lay claim to the warranty coverage.

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