How To Reverse A Youtube Playlist

how to reverse a youtube playlist

How do you reverse a youtube playlist? Youtube has played a significant role in music consumption over the last decade. Today, many people use it to listen to their favorite songs and videos online. In this blog post, we will look at how to reverse a youtube playlist so that you can enjoy your favorites again from beginning to end.

What Is A Youtube Playlist?

A YouTube playlist is a way to organize your videos. You can group them in several different ways; for example, you might want to create playlists based on categories (like “workout” or “dinner ideas”). This will help make it easier for people to find the exact video they are looking for.

To create a YouTube playlist, you have to open up YouTube, go into the video manager, and then create your playlist. If you already created one by accident or if someone shared it with you, simply click on “Create” in the left menu bar. Then select “Playlist” from the options that appear below this title field.

There are two types of YouTube playlists: public and private. If you share your playlist publicly, it will appear in search results for others to find and view. You can even create a custom URL (like so that people don’t have to remember the exact name of your playlist when searching for it.

Not many people would want to listen or watch their favorite songs and videos backward, but there is always a time when it comes in handy. Sometimes you just need some variety, especially if the playlist that you’re listening to right now has all of your favorites on it. You can also use this method to remove the songs that you don’t like from an existing list.

Can You Play A Youtube Playlist In Reverse Order?

Not all Youtube playlists can be reordered, but those that allow it will have a button in their lower right-hand corner. If you can’t find this button to do so, try clicking on your playlist’s title and see if there is an option for reverse order.

Most people use YouTube playlists when they want to watch multiple videos one after another. However, there are certain cases when you might want to do the opposite and play videos in reverse order. For example, if you have a video of your favorite band performing at their concert, watching them go in reverse order through all of their best songs could be fun.

How To Reverse A Youtube Playlist

With an extensive repository of music videos, the playlists on youtube allow you to create your custom mix. Using several popular songs from different artists is an effective way to get people hooked on new tunes. However, there are times when many of us want to listen or watch something in reverse order. Eventually, we all come across that one video on youtube that we want to play backward.

There are several different ways by which you can reverse a video on youtube, including the service’s built-in playback settings. However, what if there is not enough time for this? You might have some songs or videos in an existing playlist and just want to get them back in order. For whatever reason, you want to reverse a youtube playlist. Thankfully there are several easy ways by which you can do this.

Using an online app/ website

The simplest way to get the job done is with an online app or website specializing in playing videos backward and forward at your command. There are many available options, but the Reverse Youtube Playlist is one of the most popular. This service simply plays the videos in a playlist from right to left and back. Alternatively, you can use Youtube Reverse Playlist, which does exactly as it sounds: play your list of tracks backward. 

If you want to reverse multiple playlists at once or need more customization options, then another website will come in handy called VidToMPV. This is another free service for playing videos on youtube in reverse. With it, you can either specify a particular video or link to the playlist itself and choose whether you want all of its songs reversed or just some.

The most popular of these applications is called YouTube Center, and it’s available exclusively for Windows PCs at the moment. It’s free and easy to use with a straightforward interface that lets you control several playback settings, including video speed, resolution, quality, and more. The only downside is that it doesn’t work on Macs at present, but there are several other options available for download, which might be worth checking out if this one fails.

YouTube Center is an excellent option for anyone who wants to reverse a single youtube video, but you can also use it on an entire playlist. Simply create your list of songs and then add them in the order that you want them played back. Finally, all that’s left to do is choose “reverse” from the right-click context menu, and you will complete this task in seconds.

The ways mentioned above are your best options if you need to quickly play one youtube video backward, but there’s still time for a better solution. While services like Reverse Youtube Playlist are effective for single videos, they can’t help you if you need to get this done on a computer or mobile device with no internet access. This is where desktop apps come in handy.

Reverse a YouTube Playlist on Android

If you are not the creator of the playlist you wish to view in reverse order, this option is for you. You can utilize third-party programs for your YouTube playlist online, which are accessible on the internet. Although some are dodgy and untrustworthy, the ones discussed here are entirely safe to utilize. To ensure success and safety, I propose that you use during this process. The methods for using this approach on your Android phone is as follows:

Access the website using your Android device’s browser.

Copy the URL link to the YouTube playlist you wish to reverse into a new tab on YouTube.

Return to and paste the link into the search bar before pressing the search button.

A new window will appear, containing all of the videos in your playlist.

The choice to order your playlist as per your preferences is provided at the top. 

Newest first, oldest first, title and playlist order are the choices available. Simply pick the selections that best suit your needs, and the playlist will be rearranged automatically.

Reverse a YouTube Playlist on iPhone

If you are the playlist creator, if you created the playlist whose viewing order you would like to reverse, you could alter it using playlist settings. When you’re not the holder of the playlist’s content, this solution is not for you.

Follow the instructions below to modify the chronological order of your YouTube playlist:

Access your iPhone’s browser and navigate to the playlist you want to reorder.

The playlist settings can be accessed by tapping the three dots underneath the playlist name.

You will find an advanced settings option on the playlist settings options; click on it.

There will be a new window open. You’ll see a drop-down menu of order options to choose from.

Select the sequence in which you wish to watch/listen to the playlist and touch on it.

To save your changes, use the save button. The playlist now will play in the order that you specified.

Reverse a YouTube playlist using an extension on PC

Several browser extensions available on the internet are compatible with YouTube and can let you swiftly reverse the YouTube playlist to have it play as you wish. Iridium for YouTube and Improve for YouTube are two popular browsers for this function. You only have to do is download one of these browsers and utilize it to reverse your YouTube playlist. Here are steps to follow:

Go to your PC’s Chrome browser and look for a Chrome web store.

Then, put one of the extensions (Improve for YouTube or Iridium for YouTube) and click Enter.

Then you select “Add to Chrome” from the drop-down menu. When a pop-up appears, select “Add extension.” This will install the extension you chose in the browser.

Open YouTube and pick a video from a playlist to watch.

A reverse button is located on your right side, near your playlist content. Select it by clicking on it.

The videos in your playlist will now play in reverse. 


Through this blog, you have learned how to play a youtube playlist in reverse with several different methods and tools. If you need to get this done quickly in a pinch, then these are your best options. In many cases, when you go to a playlist on YouTube and want the videos in reverse order from the last one played, it’s complicated. 

It may be because of how your phone is set up or just too many steps involved in going back through the list. The best way to solve this problem? Download an app! You can find apps for iOS and Android devices that will allow you to easily play a YouTube playlist in reverse order without having to jump around between screens. Have fun watching your favorite videos backward with ease.

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