How To See Your Liked Posts On Instagram Pc?

You can’t see your liked posts on Instagram on a PC. You can use the Instagram app on a smartphone or tablet for that purpose.

What is in a computer PC?

A computer PC is composed of the following components: CPU, memory, I/O devices and a storage device. The CPU is responsible for carrying out instructions of, the operating system. The memory stores programs and data that the CPU can access. The input/output devices allow the user to interact with the computer. The storage device stores data files that the CPU can access.

Is a laptop a PC?

A laptop is similar to a desktop, but it is smaller and weighs less. Like a PC, it can be connected to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

Which PC is best in low price?

There are many options when it comes to finding cheap laptops, but a few of the best are the Aspire E15-575G-57D4, the HP Pavilion 15-ak005nr, and the Dell Inspirion 15 7000 Gaming laptop.

What is PC vs computer?

This device is very useful because it can help search for information and communicate with others. In this way, computers can be used to do all sorts of things.

Does PC mean desktop?

PC means laptop and mini PCs.

Is a Chromebook a PC?

The Chromebook is a laptop that runs Chrome OS. It is a Google-developed operating system that is used by millions of people.

Is a PC a console?

My dog is not a cat. My dog is a dog.

Is PC a desktop or laptop?

With laptops growing to have large batteries and power supplies, many people are using them in their place of desktops.

Is PC or laptop same?

A PC is a desktop computer with a screen size of at least 17 inches. A laptop, on the other hand, is a portable computer that usually has a screen size of 13 inches or larger.

What is PC in slang?

It is the name of a “personal computer”.

Is a Mac a PC?

A PC is not a Mac. A PC is a personal computer designed and marketed by Microsoft Corp.

Why is PC better than laptop?

Laptops are generally smaller than PCs and have a longer battery life. They’re not as powerful as PCs, but they have more storage and processing power.

What is PC on Instagram?

Instagram is a social platform that lets people post photos and videos.

What is a PC on a laptop?

A laptop is a personal computer that runs the Windows operating system. Smaller laptops usually have smaller screens and less memory, so they are not as powerful as the more powerful PCs.

Can a laptop be a gaming PC?

Gaming laptops offer a lot of perks, and a laptop can easily be a gaming PC. There are a number of gaming laptops that can also be used for work.

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